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One of the most significant benefits of SBC Magazine’s new online polling approach is it gives component manufacturers (CMs) a glimpse into how their business model and/or local market compares to the industry as a whole. 

Annandale Millwork & Allied Systems ventured into the components industry differently from most manufacturers as our original business centered on doors and millwork. We diversified into wall panels in the early 1980s and eventually into roof trusses. From the beginning, we’ve always looked to use innovative processes to solve common construction problems.

Annandale Millwork is embracing the energy code.

Framers and CMs can make for a powerful partnership, but it takes work.


What level, if any, of responsibility does a CM assume if the contractors on the jobsite use our layout plans to do more than just put the walls together? Specifically on the job in question, the panel layout was used to place plumbing for a kitchen island. Unfortunately, the layout had the pony wall for that island out of place by 11”. As a result, there is additional work needed to relocate the plumbing.

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