Interior of the new Vintage restaurant in Sauk City, showing visible roof trusses in the ceiling

Creating a Vintage Look with Trusses

CM creates aesthetic trusses to complete industrial look.

Industry News

  • Determining the stiffest piece of lumber is now easier with a new smartphone app created by scientists in Mississippi State University’s Forest and Wildlife Research Center. Called “Smart Thumper,” the app uses soundwaves or vibrations to determine stiffness.

  • SBCA is working with Ask the Builder expert Tim Carter to gain the benefit of his perspective on structural framing. While all those who know SBCA and work with its members know the value of component framing,

  • New Jersey state lawmakers were at it again in 2018, seeking new state laws to establish fire safety standards, protocols and building labels for certain light frame residential construction; a move that would ultimately have placed restrictions on the use of component manufacturers’ products.

  • Congratulations to all the folks at City Lumber for making that commitment to producing a quality product.

A building entirely destroyed with insulation and components scattered

Risk Management

Ensure You're

Why quarterly insurance policy
reviews are important.


A thumb getting wrapped up with gauze


Hold Hands Instead 
of Bandage Thumbs

A different approach to
training new hires.


Group of supporters standing in front of Reggie Stoltzfus for state representative sign


Mr. Stoltzfus Goes
to Columbus

Why a component manufacturer
also became a lawmaker.