Painting of the southern living idea home

A Southern Home for Southern Living

The collaboration between Apex and True House ensured this home was built right and on schedule. The 2019 Southern Living Idea Home started construction in December and plans on welcoming over 20,000 visitors once it is completed in May.

Industry News

  • Here are the top ten most-read SBC Industry News headlines of the first quarter of 2019. The topics vary widely, but two deal with the new sheathing product from LP and two others highlight the work Tim Carter of ‘Ask the Builder’ is doing to promote the benefits of structural components.

  • Tim Carter is an award-winning builder and nationally syndicated columnist with over thirty years of hands-on experience building and remodeling homes. He recently began working with SBCA to highlight the ways structural building components truly are the best way to frame a house.

  • With all aspects of previous data, location planning and weather monitoring decided upon, the final decision to make was how the trusses were going to be set out.The trusses needed to be stored in a way that closely replicates real world conditions.

  • Attendees from across the country converged on San Diego, CA for a week of discussion about critical industry topics, mixed with some fun as a battle amongst members ensued on the shuffleboard courts.

Scope of work diagram

Scope of Work

A Chart is Worth a
Thousand Words

New SBCA project aims to
illustrate everyone's scope of work.


Group of students standing outside near trusses on a plant tour

Workforce Development

Giving Tours
to Students

CMs share their perspectives on why giving
tours to students is "the right thing to do."


Group of employees dressed up as tourists

Remote Designers

Get the Whole
Gang Together!

Plan face-to-face events and capitalize on
special occasions to bring your team together.