A construction worker standing in protective gear in a framed building

A Solid Bearing

Trusses transfer load onto pre-determined bearing locations. When a bearing location doesn’t have enough capacity for the load being transferred, a designer has many alternatives. 

Industry News

  • The Housing Innovation Alliance, an organization dedicated to driving change in residential construction through cross-industry collaboration, is hosting its 2020 Housing Innovation Summit online November 10-11.

  • When the National Framers Council was created as a council under the SBCA umbrella it represented an opportunity to strengthen and enhance the important relationship between component manufacturers and framers.

  • The current volatile softwood lumber market is prompting stakeholders up and down the supply chain to take a fresh look at any and all construction method and material alternatives.

  • The recently announced merger of Builders FirstSource and BMC is prompting speculation in the residential construction industry on how it will impact operations up and down the supply chain. 

A graphic of ebitda, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, showing a laptop and calculator

Financial Metrics

In the Eye of the Beholder

Take an  “acquirer’s view” of your company to understand its value.


A conveyor system for wood waste that takes wood waste and sawdust to a rolloff hopper outside of the building


It Pays to Get Carried Away

Wood waste conveyor system saves an hour of labor per day.

A pair of new gloves next to a pair of clearly used dirty gloves


The Little Things Matter

Save on the bottom line with splinter best practices.