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When a building official doesn’t follow the code compliance process by rejecting an engineer’s seal, they exceed the authority given to them by the building code and they also constrain trade.

APA the Engineered Wood Association is a market development organization for structural engineered wood products manufacturers. For commodity products like OSB, market promotion is largely APA brand focused.

Would you have a good response to a lawyer asking, “You’re saying you pay a third-party to inspect the product for which they also created an ICC report?”

MiTek Industries, Inc. has acquired Wrightsoft Corporation, the market pioneer and leading provider of software for residential and commercial energy code compliance and HVAC system design.

Home owners looking for an exceptional Do-it-Yourself hybrid Web Steel Truss Building Kit are now able to request building kit quotes and purchase DIY Miracle Truss Building Packages online

A $10.5-million research project, Spruce-Up, is estimated to more than double the net economic output value of spruce forests, increasing the value of new trees and reducing losses due to environmental disturbances.

Eastern Canadian lumber producer Tembec says it's open to quotas on exports to the United States, in a break from the positions of some Canadian rivals and the Quebec government.

Gov. Matt Bevin yesterday announced Stark Truss Co. Inc., a roof and floor truss manufacturer in Auburn, will convert a former big-box retail store in Franklin with a nearly $1.66 million investment expected to create 22 full-time jobs.