Housing & Construction

Since FrameSAFE first rolled out in March of this year, 23 NFC Professional Framer members and 12 Skilled Subcontractors have subscribed to the program. As this bilingual, OSHA-compliant safety program is being implemented across the country, the feedback has been very positive.

Simpson Strong-Tie has redesigned its popular RCKW rigid kneewall connector for cold-formed steel construction to provide a versatile, two-anchor option for contractors using 1/2"- or 3/8"-diameter concrete anchors, resulting in faster and more efficient installation.

Builders across the country are pinching pennies according to 2018 data that shows national labor shortages are forcing builders to pay 5.2 percent more for company employees and 7.2 percent more for subcontracted work.

Atlas was able to help VCP complete the first phase of its Veterans Village development in compliance with all local code requirements while also providing superior thermal performance of the building envelope, which will help VCP save money in the long run with increased energy efficiency.

Huber Engineered Woods, LLC, an NFC title sponsor, recently initiated a mobile training program offering ZIP System instruction to Huber’s customers on multifamily jobsites.

While the value Dean has received from his brief time as an NFC member has already been significant, he hopes to contribute to making NFC even more valuable.

The top ten most read SBC Industry News Headlines of Q3 2018 are below:

A University of B.C. researcher looking at innovative steel construction methods has devised a truss system that can be used to construct modular flooring and has the potential to reduce construction costs and time by 50 percent.

BuildSteel recently had the opportunity to talk with Elledge about his experience with the First Baptist Church project, which marked the first time he worked on buildings using pre-engineered cold-formed steel (CFS) trusses in place of pre-engineered wood trusses for sloped and shingled roofs. 

Most high school students struggle to get out of bed to get out of school, but not one class of seniors from the Villages Charter School.  They’re going to work on a construction site.