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Since FrameSAFE first rolled out in March of this year, 23 NFC Professional Framer members and 12 Skilled Subcontractors have subscribed to the program. As this bilingual, OSHA-compliant safety program is being implemented across the country, the feedback has been very positive.

Prefabrication is not a new concept for architects, but its usage is evidently on the rise.

As we discussed in 2001, change really means opportunity. The best way to do this is to first self-assess all aspects of our business and ask what are the key business fundamentals that one is really good at.

The American Lumber Standard Committee, Incorporated (ALSC) has approved definition changes to the terms “design values” and “grade.” These are important for component manufacturers, and all users of structural softwood lumber, to know.

The supply of homes for sale is falling across the nation, as demand soars and attractive mortgage rates pull buyers off the sidelines.

This past year, we published a series of articles that illustrate component manufacturers’ (CM) position within the construction industry supply chain and how information flows between parties within the supply chain.

NFC member and FrameSAFE subscriber Carpentry Contractors Company strives for a safe, productive workplace but also uses humor to promote the value of pursuing a career in construction.

During Structural Committee review at the 2019 ICC Group B Committee Action Hearings, back in April 2019, the committee considered code change G10-19.

According to the FBI, the threat of a cyber attack is both serious and growing.

With winter kicking off a bit earlier than normal in many parts of the country, now is a good time to revisit general jobsite safety best practices for working in cold weather.