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Marijuana is now legal in various forms in 28 states and the District of Columbia with more states to come. Experts say many employers seem unsure, at best, how to deal with it.

The following article from Buildsteel.org provides a roadmap for building designers to design and specify projects using cold-formed steel.

The price of softwood lumber rose in February by 4.8%. The increase was the biggest in four years and largely, if not completely, due to the ongoing softwood lumber trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada.

President Donald Trump’s nominee for United States Trade Representative is vowing to end the long-running softwood-lumber dispute with Canada.

Lumber supply will likely continue to evolve in the near future, so it will be be important for all lumber purchasers to keep their eyes open for new developments.

The Wharf development is transforming Washington DC’s storied Southwest quadrant by creating a mile-long waterfront neighborhood that includes retail, residential, hospitality, offices and cultural complexes.

After several conversations with CMs since we published that first article, SBCA researched steel price indexes and developed the following graphs to help illustrate trends in the price of cold-rolled steel

Canada's Minister of Natural Resources announced the creation of the Federal–Provincial Task Force on Softwood Lumber to assess the impact of the current softwood lumber dispute between the U.S. and Canada.

In Denver, an affordable housing project will cost the developer more to build them than they are intended to sell for.

Lumber prices have risen again. Last week typically followed random lengths print levels were nearing all-time highs. It has also been said that some lumber purchases are costed above print.