Raw Materials

In this article, we will take a closer look at guidance provided by OSHA under its Prevention and Safety and Health Programs in Construction initiative.

Conifex Timber Inc. announced Wednesday that the company had secured $130 million in financing for the modernization and restart of its sawmill complex in El Dorado.

Canfor Corp., one of Canada’s top lumber producers, says fluctuating lumber prices are here to stay amid “the emotion and confusion” regarding potential duties on the country’s softwood exports to the U.S.

Exports of Southern Pine lumber in 2016 reached a record 688 million board feet valued at more than $413 million, according to the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA).

It may not be the biggest secret in the world, but the “secret sauce” in building construction on many projects today is cold-formed steel (CFS) framing.

The labor shortage in the construction industry is indicative of a wider, decades-in-the-making gap in vocational training that has had an impact on many sectors of the U.S. economy.

It appears the first national Super Bowl ad for 84 Lumber is a success, though not as its creators originally intended.

Here are some specific types of safety equipment that might make sense to buy secondhand.

When arranged in the proper molecular configuration, graphene becomes 10 times stronger than steel but only five percent as dense, presenting intriguing implications for building technology.

A $10.5-million research project, Spruce-Up, is estimated to more than double the net economic output value of spruce forests, increasing the value of new trees and reducing losses due to environmental disturbances.