Industry Announcements

With hundreds of industry professional in attendance, SBCA recognized four industry leaders, during the BCMC Kickoff event, for their tireless support of the association and industry.

In addition to the news developments highlighted in SBC Industry News and the best practices shared through SBCA’s webinar series, SBCA is preparing to launch its own podcast series to allow members to listen to additional industry-specific insights wherever they go.

Here are the top ten most-read SBC Industry News headlines of the first quarter of 2019. The topics vary widely, but two deal with the new sheathing product from LP and two others highlight the work Tim Carter of ‘Ask the Builder’ is doing to promote the benefits of structural components.

The American Lumber Standard Committee (Committee) acts as the Standing Committee for review and revision of PS 20-15. The Committee is responsible for maintaining, revising, and interpreting the standard, and is comprised of producers, distributors, users, and others with an interest in the standard.

Attendees from across the country converged on San Diego, CA for a week of discussion about critical industry topics, mixed with some fun as a battle amongst members ensued on the shuffleboard courts.

The QC Committee met last week at the SBCA OQM to discuss progress in the Digital Quality Control program and the testing programs underway that will provide data to support the assessment of plated joint quality per ANSI/TPI 1 Chapter 3. 

Simpson Strong-Tie is showcasing its builder software portfolio, which is designed to offer builders, architects, engineers, and the construction supply chain scalable software solutions for realizing cost and labor efficiencies across the design and construction cycle.

Lakeside Trailer Founder, Jesse D Helton, passed away at home on February 10, 2019. Known as JD, he started the company with his daughter, Regina Helton Kinsman, and son-in-law, Lee Kinsman.

Charlie Vaccaro, one of the founding “four pillars of Alpine,” passed away last Thursday. Charlie was Alpine’s first salesman, and helped Bill McAlpine, Charlie Harnden and Walt Friedly build one of the strongest companies in the structural building components industry.

Join Simpson live today, Tuesday, February 12, to learn how you can save time with our high-performance coiled strap that can be installed with a traditional framing nailer.