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On April 4, Dave presented to building inspectors from the City of Greer, South Carolina on the component installation process and what to look for when inspecting component framed buildings.

When Dow and DuPont merged to create DowDuPont, it brought together two science-based companies that were positioned at the leading edge of the agriculture, materials science and specialty products industries.

According to Pembina Institute, the average construction cost premium of Passive House projects is just 6 percent. Data from Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency suggest that this premium could be as low as 2 percent for multifamily buildings.

Various types of insulation have been used in masonry cavity walls: rigid foam boards, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and mineral wool. Among these, two rigid foams predominate: extruded polystyrene (XPS) and polyisocyanurate (polyiso).

Builders who understand and communicate energy-efficient benefits can provide unique added value to the growing number of buyers who, whether they recognize it or not, want these features in their homes.

This project has forced our team to focus on the energy-efficient side of home building. We realized early on we could not expect to achieve Net-Zero without also paying close attention to build quality, engineering and architecture.

Making sure that your home is properly insulated is an important step to ensure that your home remains comfortable year round and avoids wasting energy. Understanding the most common signs that your property is under-insulated can determine the best steps to improve the overall energy efficiency.

Along with Pardee, other builders have focused on more energy-efficient construction, and a greener marketing message, to entice consumers.

The challenge: Minneapolis homeowner Caroline Hale-Coldwell had taken on a huge family archiving project, which consisted of scores of boxes of letters, photos and family memorabilia. She needed an office with enough room to spread out, as well as lots of file drawers and cabinets.

“I wanted space to sit and dig in,” she said. “With lots of light.”