Industry News

It appears the first national Super Bowl ad for 84 Lumber is a success, though not as its creators originally intended.

Come to the MSR Workshop April 18-20 in Seattle, WA, there will be a panel of SLA experts from both sides of the border giving producers and end users a timely update on this issue.

The NFC has actively organized two regional meetings in the first quarter of 2017. Learn more about yesterday’s California Regional Meeting and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting on March 22 here.

Here are some specific types of safety equipment that might make sense to buy secondhand.

Decades after OSHA first held a public meeting regarding revisions to its Walking-Working Surfaces standard for general industry, the final rule will become effective on Jan. 17.

Hitachi Power Tools recently announced the newest addition to its Pro Preferred Pneumatic Nailer lineup with the company-first 3-1/2-inch Hitachi Palm Nailer.

In the first-of-its-kind for the industry, Empire Levels has introduced the first auto-calibrated digital level.

The QuickTie System is a roof and wall anchoring system consisting of wire rope and threaded studs swaged to each end. One of the threaded studs is embedded into cured concrete by inserting it into a predrilled hole and using epoxy adhesive to anchor it to the foundation. The opposite end of the wire rope with the threaded stud is extended vertically to the uppermost top of the masonry wall, inserted through a hole drilled through the wood top plate(s), and attached to a steel plate and nut that are placed on top of the top plates(s).

ABTG has completed an education presentation on best practices associated with the installation of pan-flashing and air sealing windows to prevent water intrusion.