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The key to understanding the current state of the North Carolina economy is to explore the separation between the state’s growing economic activity and absence of employment gains.

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has publishedAISI S202-11: Code of Standard Practice for Cold-Formed Steel Structural Framing, 2011 Edition.

The Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) has published a Southern Pine Q&A component manufacturers, which provides answers to a series of common questions regarding proposed changes to SP design values.


The price of construction lumber spiked last week, up $22 to $240 US per thousand board feet. The price increase in materials made from spruce, pine and fir is attributed by industry observers to low inventories and unexpected increases in building permits in the US.

In response to recommendations by SPIB proposing a reduction in some building standards to which Southern pine can officially be expected to perform, the NFBA submitted recommendations to the American Lumber Standards Committee.

The structural building components industry lost one of its greatest champions, Don Hershey, when he passed away at home late last Thursday. Industry leaders, and Hershey's contemporaries, share their thoughts on his significant contributions.

SBCA and SFPA hosted the Southern Pine Design Value Forum, a two-day meeting which brought together component manufacturers, homebuilders, Southern Pine lumber producers, and lumber experts to discuss the SPIB's proposed changes to Southern Pine design values.

These days, local homebuilders are trying to work through federal safety regulations that they say will cost them, home buyers, roofers and subcontractors a lot of money.

Canada's economy grew again in August, by 0.3%, for a third consecutive month, almost entirely on increases in oil and gas and related energy activity.