Industry News

The following organizations have been recognized as BCMC Build Friends, whose total in-kind and cash contributions total $1500 or more.

U.S. manufacturing continues to slowdown as output and orders fell below break even but employment held up.

​For public and private decision makers, there were three papers presented at Jackson Hole that are worth a read.

Taking more from a struggling private sector can only be justified if we think government spending will be more useful than the private spending and investment it replaces.

A Lewiston roofing company faces nearly a quarter-million dollars in fines for failing to protect its workers from falls and other safety violations.

Now companies must add another poster, spelling out employee rights to join labor unions and bargain collectively without facing retaliation.

This article provides a forward-looking perspective on the “Certifiable” nature of the ABC Green Home, defined to be a virtual “Net-Zero energy” model.

The Federal Way, Wash.-based company said in a news release that it is making the name change "to simplify customer contacts and leverage the widespread recognition of the Weyerhaeuser identity."

RedBuilt, a US-based supplier of engineered lumber products, has signed an agreement to acquire assets of rival Standard Structures Inc (SSI) that include equipment, raw materials inventory and intellectual property.