Industry News

 Residential builds in Oregon are now required to have rain screens, in addition to a water-resistive barrier, with the state’s unprecedented adoption of the 2014 Oregon State Residential Specialty Code Section R703.1. 

US steel wire rod import prices are now selling at a roughly $60-per-ton premium to domestic rod, inverting longtime trends, market participants said.

QuickTie Systems works very closely with all of our stakeholders – builders, general contractors, framers, installers, engineers, architects, lumber yards and distributors – to maintain strong relationships and ensure successful projects and ventures.

Research tells us that worker perceptions of how well safety policies, procedures and practices are implemented on the job site, also called Safety Climate, is key to improving safety outcomes.

The White House on Oct. 27 announced that President Donald Trump will nominate Scott Mugno, vice president of safety, sustainability and vehicle maintenance, to head OSHA

The Center for Construction Research and Training recently released a report of their findings regarding 2015 data on electrocutions in the workplace.

Covestro is also building a new polyurethanes plant in China, as well as planning to resume production in the United States and renbovating its American facilities.

DowDuPont Inc. said Thursday it plans to reduce its global workforce and shut down assets to help reach a $3 billion cost-savings goal, as the chemicals giant works to split itself into three separate companies.

New and not-so-new techniques and products help shape Mandalay Homes' high-performance homes. Here are a few of them.