Industry News

Many new changes in OSHA regulations become effective in 2017 and educating members is our primary goal here at SBCA.

Installing a JM polyiso creates a band of continual insulation, and moves the dew point to about half way into its foam core, well out of the wall cavity.

Spray foam is now being used by a diverse number of industries. Farmers and ranchers have begun to see how SPF can drastically change their operations as well.

Gaco Western shattered the spray foam isocyanate ceiling at SPFA this week with our new patented GacoCanary, the first isocyanate-free spray foam.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has announced that Bill Good has retired after 28 years as the organization’s CEO and 41 years of service. Reid Ribble officially succeeds Good as CEO.

Matthew Beaton, the state’s secretary of energy and environmental affairs, built the first "passive house" in Massachusetts, which needs no furnace and almost no heating or cooling at all.

A new report reviews specific annual hazard events for flooding, earthquake, wildfire, wind, hail, tornado, hurricanes and winter storms, with spotlights on several international events including Asia typhoon.

According to a new report, the rising global demand for green building continues to double every three years.

The Applied Builidng Technology Group recently developed new, step-by-step window installation guides to help the industry follow best practices appropriate for a given window and FPIS application.