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As with most safety issues, staying safe in high wind conditions boils down to knowing the regulations, following industry best practices and common sense.

National Framer Council (NFC) framer members and FrameSAFE subscribers are encouraged to show their commitment to safety and participate in OSHA’s Safe and Sound Week.

More than 30 percent energy savings can be achieved using the 2016 version of Standard 90.1, according to recent analysis.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced it has renewed its accreditation of DrJ Engineering LLC to conduct ISO/IEC 17065 product certification with a significantly expanded scope.

SOPREMA product data and customized specifications are now available through ARCOM’s software platforms to architects, engineers and design professionals.

This article explores local efforts to promote high performance and net-zero construction in Minneapolis and St. Paul, focusing on a tighter building envelope.

The following article explores aNew Hampshire homebuilder who recently started exploring greater energy efficient construction and is now attempting to build affordable net-zero homes.

Home efficiency advocates and homebuilders are squaring off in Virginia over what many stakeholders say is an overdue update to energy codes for new home construction.

The Maryland state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill extending the EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency program, following similar action in the House of Delegates last week.