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One solution could come in the form of eco-building materials that utilize natural substances known to have a positive effect on indoor air quality, Greenovate! Europe said.

Maine’s glut of softwood fiber created by closed paper mills makes the state an ideal location for a factory that can produce insulation board from wood.

Doug McMullen, technical sales of DatapointLabs, said the company runs a test laboratory where it characterizes materials, which he said lets injection molders get better simulation.

The Race to Zero inspires collegiate students to become the next generation of building science professionals through a design challenge for zero energy ready buildings.

Both U-factor and R-value are measures of a material’s insulating performance. The former is a measurement of heat transfer; the latter measures heat resistance.

Follow these tips by Johns Manville to ensure that your house is energy-efficient this winter.

The Passive approach boils down to five building science principles that provide homeowners with predictable performance, unmatched comfort, superb air quality, and resiliency in the face of power outages due to winter storms or summer blackouts.

By using a drill, a coat hanger, and an inconspicuous place for testing, you can find out the type of insulation used in your home.

This range of Reinforced Insulation glass, coming from a breakthrough technology developed by Saint-Gobain, fits in at a high-end level to complement the Planitherm\ line.