Industry News

The Dow Chemical Company was named a 2017 Safer Choice Partner of the Year winner by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Insulated metal panels from Kingspan added aesthetic appeal and insulation value for a stable interior temperature at the five-rink Florida Hospital Center Ice in Wesley Chapel, Fla

Those who attend SBCA meetings have frequently pointed out that the opportunity to learn from one another, both inside and outside the meeting room, provides significant value.

Join your SBCA board in the Windy City for roundtable discussions, a chance to provide input on committee projects, and the opportunity to learn from component manufacturers from all over the country. All are welcome to attend!

Build Change and Simpson Strong-Tie announce the Simpson Strong-Tie® Fellowship for Engineering Excellence program and call for applicants.

The U.S. economy is back at full employment after more than a decade, according to a leading economist.

For the third straight month, prices of softwood lumber, gypsum, ready-mix concrete, and OSB all increased, according to the latest Producer Price Index by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The number of homes for sale in America has been falling steadily for the past year, but the situation is apparently getting much worse as spring demand heats up.

Naturalized citizenship is on the rise, and they will be putting more pressure on the housing market…and housing inventory.