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It wouldn’t be BCMC time without numerous opportunities for exercise and competition.

Southeast builders need to look for moisture-resistant products like LP TopNotch 350 OSB Sub-Flooring, which features RainChannel technology, a self-draining notch system that allows water to drain quickly from the surface.

These companies pride themselves on creating quality American-made products for the long haul. From CLP Systems to the Hennessy Venom GT, these American made products are sure to surprise. Take a look at the list below and let us know which one caught you by surprise.

In wood-framed buildings, addressing both insulation levels and air tightness in the building enclosure continue to be refined by code and elective program standards.

Last year FastenMaster commercialized FrameFAST, an innovative structural wood framing system designed for truss and rafter to top plate connections.

TYPAR® Construction TapeTM installs fast, sticks tight, and offers versatility you can count on.

MiTek USA’s Hardy Frame® brand now offers the CFS Moment Frame(link is external), the industry’s first cold-formed steel (CFS) moment frame.

Squeaky floors are a common complaint – just do an online search on floor squeaks and remedy after remedy from homeowners associations to This Old House come up in search results. A recent Builder magazine article listed floor squeaks among the top 11 most common callbacks.  To help avoid a squeaky floor callback, here’s a few subflooring secrets to consider, to reduce the chance for squeaks on your next build.

Over 20 years ago we pioneered the manufacture of enhanced subfloor panels, and as technology progressed, our scientists kept pace to deliver a new benchmark in performance: a panel that is tough, highly resistant to weather, and engineered to save you time and money.