Energy Efficiency

DowDuPont Inc., created from the merger of the largest U.S. chemical companies, is learning from Chief Executive Officer Ed Breen that one way to make more money is to abandon more research.

Even the highest performing facades can be undone by gaps or by under-utilizing insulation. Weather and air barriers have expanded to fill a variety of niches, from eco-friendly insulation to ready-to-install sealant.

All these luxury units will be equipped with innovative sustainability features including solar panels, LED lighting, hybrid water heaters, Icynene spray foam in all exterior walls and ceilings for insulation and soundproofing.

Here are three best practices for constructing ICF buildings.

From the invention of the electrostatic generator (1747) to the discovery of oil (1856), Pennsylvania has a long list of firsts in the realm of energy. Now for the first time in nearly a decade, PA is ringing in the advent of a new statewide energy code.

Foamed plastic insulation in the residential market is forecast to rise 4.4% per annum to 520 million pounds in 2022, valued at $1.1 billion. Foamed plastics are projected to be the fastest growing material in the residential insulation market through 2022.

On a recent build, Matt Risinger leaned on the adhesive capacity of two-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam to provide increased racking resistance to the frame walls and uplift resistance and waterproofing to the framed roof.

Here are twelve new building products developed to improve the performance of a building's envelope, from thermal insulation to moisture management.

More than 13,000 households participated in Zillow’s new construction survey to indicate the top features they wanted in a new home.  Among the top ten features, 50% of respondent indicated they want a more energy efficient home.

On the first day of the UTECH Europe conference, Kristof will highlight the step change Huntsman’s new technology offers when it comes to PIR panel production and performance, and the significant advantages it offers over aromatic polyester-based systems.