Building Science

The green building sector is getting ready for the Jan. 1, 2019 deadline for all HERS raters to use an amendment that puts smaller homes on a level playing field.

Designed for flexibility of use and adaptability to different environments, the ELM can be used for commercial or residential use; in urban, suburban, or rural contexts; and in hot or cold climates; all while addressing needs for energy, water, food, and shelter without the need for any grid or utility connection.

CertainTeed’s popular RoofRunner™ underlayment can now be customized allowing companies to have their logo printed directly onto the face of the underlayment sheet.

The trend towards higher performing buildings and envelope systems requires a re-doubling of effort towards achieving durable, constructible, and maintainable transition details. There are many ways for these details to fail.

Using the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) standard, Chicago architecture firm Farr Associates now initiates most products with the goal of achieving net zero energy use.

Today, 19 pioneering mayors, representing 130 million urban citizens, committed to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions from their cities by ensuring that new buildings operate at net zero carbon by 2030.

ProSales Magazine recently published an article highlighting a number of new products that have hit the market that help builders construct “tighter, more energy-efficient building enclosures in less time.” The article focuses on the following product categories and producers

Q. With pneumatic nailers, we’ve found that it’s difficult to keep nail heads from penetrating the applied protective barrier on the face of the ZIP panels. Won’t these holes compromise the moisture barrier’s integrity and lead to problems later on?

Green’s Phoenix ranch house, built in 1979, doesn’t have a single solar panel installed. It doesn’t capture rain water and reuse it. And it isn’t built with any specialty materials. Despite that, it has become the first home in the state to receive the prestigious Pearl Gold certification for energy efficiency.

In a recent Journal of Light Construction article, Steve Easley (a building-science consultant) outlines the areas of home construction he focuses on to help educate installers implement cost-effective approaches to air-sealing.