Employee Training

Finding the best, fastest, most efficient process has always been part of the culture for this component manufacturer. 

Design efficiency is critical, but it can’t overshadow design quality.


Three key steps to get you headed down the right path.

A lot of information is transferred between those who work in a company by talking. Sometimes people take notes ... But not all the time. How can you make the message memorable? Act it out.

Lean Six Sigma is a mountainous challenge, but there are some basic ways to prepare for the climb.

With no visible trauma or scars, it’s easy for hearing loss to go unnoticed, but the good news is, it’s preventable.

SBCA chapters deploy unique initiatives on the local level, proving there is no one way to reach your market.

Adding a warm-up or cool down to your routine is a great way to bookend the physical labor of component manufacturing.

Take an opportunity to share and learn.
  • Effective employee training on jobsite safety requires an approach that combines good information with consistent messages and continuous delivery.
  • The NFC’s Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan is being added to the already robust FrameSAFE program.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Effective training is the best way employers can “help their employees help themselves” to work safely on the jobsite.