Parting Shots


Parting Shots

In 2001, WoodWords (later renamed SBC Magazine) began dedicating its June/July issue to a summary of the industry’s concerns and the activities of SBCA’s annual legislative conference. That tradition continued through 2014.

Over those years, CMs and suppliers from around the country would gather in Washington, DC to meet with congressional representatives and federal agencies to explain their industry and the issues they faced. The connections they made with these office visits laid the groundwork for later advocacy on everything from employment issues to building and business regulations.

This year, SBCA is reviving the industry’s tradition of advocacy with the creation of the SBCA Advocacy Committee. Committee members will pursue ways to engage members and help them reach out to their communities. From develop resources for market education and encouraging relationship-building activities like plant tours, the advocacy committee will be helping members connect with building inspectors, fire service members and elected officials on the local, regional and national level. 

Pictured above: SBCA members have been reaping the rewards of inviting their elected officials to tour their plants for more than a decade. In 2006, Mike Karceski invited Representative Donald Manzullo (R-IL) to visit Atlas Components, and the congressman responded by writing about his positive experiences in the November 2006 issue of this publication. For tips on hosting your own plant tour, click the arrow at the bottom of the page in the digital edition of this issue.