Parting Shots


Parting Shots

Deborah Jones BCMC Build HomeDeborah Jones

Deborah Jones (above right), one of the new homeowners, radiated the BCMC Build spirit. “I want to thank all the sponsors, all the builders, Lilly, BCMC, all the volunteers,” she said. “I just want to say thank you so much. This is a dream come true for me.” (Above left:  The roof trusses for Jones’ one-story ranch home were assembled on the ground and hoisted into position.)

The brand new BCMC Tri-Tacular brought about some fierce competition on the show floor, as well as some serious trash talking. Eight teams competed in the two-day event and vied for prize money and ultimate bragging rights. Team Awesome comprised of Jess Lohse, Dave Mitchell, Mike Ruede, and Jorge Ruiz lived up to its name and took first place. (Below left:  Mike Ruede [A-1 Roof Trusses, left] and Rick Parrino [Plum Building Systems, LLC, right] sit poised at the starting line.)

A special thank you to Jess Lohse of Rocky Mountain Truss Co. (below right) who served as SBC’s BCMC beat reporter during the show. While the rain and mud proved to be too much for his boots (hence, the flip flops), he persevered and wrote a daily blog, providing the latest updates at the build sites and the tradeshow.

Read more highlights from BCMC in the December 2011 issue of SBC

BCMC TrictacularJess Lohse