Looking for Technical Talent?


Looking for Technical Talent?

Go back to your alma mater.

“It’s too broad of a statement to say we post job openings on the internet. The type of position we are seeking determines where the ad is placed,” explained John Holland, of Clearspan Components, Inc. “For example, when seeking technical employees, there are all kinds of stratifications.”

In refining the process of recruiting technical talent, Holland has also chosen to “go back to college” and utilizes his alma mater as a resource. Holland maintains a strong relationship with his college, speaks each year at the Technology Club he founded there and participates in career events. “It’s the educators who can provide a pipeline of resumes for your company,” said Holland. “There are additional avenues to pursue—other than just the students, who come and go. The professors are the ones who stay. Developing relationships with them has proven to be very fruitful for us. There have been numerous occasions where a professor has sent me resumes of strong students, long before they graduate.” 

“Of course the search for potential employees is not free of obstacles,” Holland said. “Of all the candidates that have come to us, about one fourth have stayed. The smart ones get found because just as you are seeking them out, so is the competition. Some of the biggest competition we’ve faced in recruiting technical talent has been large corporations from other industries. It takes a lot of effort and money to train and develop these employees who may not stay for the long haul. But those who have stayed have become some of our best personnel.” 

“You need to sell your company to potential employees, just as you would to prospective clients,” stressed Holland. He emphasized that a company’s website and Facebook page are only part of the impression that needs tending when advertising positions and looking for technical staff. 

Holland also highlighted technology as key to offering technical staff the opportunity to work remotely. Remote work tools are beneficial for design employees and broaden future employment opportunities. “We provide internships for students each semester and in the summers. This gives us the opportunity to assess them and see if they can handle the work. They are all given access to work remotely. Presently we have four interns, one of whom is working remotely from Florida. He’s finishing studies in engineering and also does design work for us. Going down the path of working with remote employees, as well as offering remote internships, can prove to be of great value to your company.” 

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Use it in addition to placing ads in local print and online media, posting job openings on career and social media sites, and encouraging word-of-mouth recruiting among your 
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Access resources on business development and find the local agencies that can help in your workforce building efforts.

Use sbcindustry.com/wfd to:

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Recruiting is a two-way process, which is why the Workforce Development area of the website has information for you and for your potential workforce.

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