You Gotta Fight for Your Right...

President's Message

You Gotta Fight for Your Right...

Fresh into my new adventure of fatherhood (see Parting Shots), I’m reminded of the iconic Beastie Boys song from the mid-80s. While my days of fighting for my right to party are long behind me, my days of fighting for my family are just beginning. My wife Elizabeth experienced some minor complications with her pregnancy that required us to stay multiple days in the hospital. Most everything with the stay went well and according to plan, up until the final day.

The doctors, nurses and patient debated when our new little family could be discharged and make our way home. Through consultation and conversation, it was decided one more night would be best for mother and son. Shortly after that decision was finalized, a nurse came into our room to inform us we would need to relocate because the hospital was filling up with other expectant mothers. We quickly gathered our belongings and followed the nurse to a seldom-used room in an area of the hospital that was being remodeled.

Just sitting in the room a few minutes, I could tell that the new location was far from ideal. The noise from the construction workers wouldn’t allow for much rest for mom or baby, and I had serious concerns about the various fumes in the hallway from fresh adhesives, grouts, sealers and other materials being used to update the dated décor of the hospital.

I talked with the nurses and explained the current situation was unacceptable. The construction needed to stop while patients were roomed in that area of the hospital; they need to put us in a different room, away from the construction; or they need to allow us to go home. After further deliberation, and dad sitting in the nursery with his newborn for over an hour to avoid the fumes, it was decided that home was the place for our family.

Even in a hospital, you have to be your own advocate. In a place where the staff’s job is to take care of patients, you still have to watch out for your—and your family’s—interests. The same is true for your business. Make decisions based on what is best for your operation and not necessarily what is most convenient for other parties.

As you do so, SBCA is your best tool for advocating on your own behalf, whether you do so on the chapter or national level. When you have a problem or feel your company is being treated unfairly, call SBCA staff or a member of the board first. Keep us aware of the problems you deal with and we’ll talk over the best way to handle the situation moving forward. Let us help you fight for your right…TO BUILD COMPONENTS!