Repairing Incorrect Floor Truss Installation


I have a four-year-old house with glued open-web trusses. Both the truss manufacturer and the builder have admitted to me that the trusses were installed wrong. I have a problem with the suggested repair. I have hired a structural engineer and he suggested installing a 2x10 between each truss and removing the old truss. This would have to take place on both the first and second floors because all the trusses were installed wrong. The manufacturers want to install six strongbacks on each floor, hoping this will tighten them up. The trusses are installed so wrong in so many different ways that they are starting to crack. Two on the first floor have already broken. Because the building is a two-story, I have doubts that they can repair the trusses at all.


Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the truss installation, but we are somewhat unclear as to what your question is. If you are questioning the repair detail, we cannot offer you an alternative as there are many factors to consider in developing solutions to these types of problems. Some points that you may want to consider: How deep is the floor truss? If it is more than 9.25 in. deep, how can the 2x10 replace it? If the trusses on the second floor are too difficult to access for repairs, how will replacing them with 2x10s be any easier? Is it necessary to remove the trusses even if you decide to add a new 2x10 floor system? Floor trusses can span much longer distances than 2x10s. Is the replacement of the trusses by 2x10s structurally feasible?

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