Industry News

Bill Tucker, the president of the Florida Building Material Association (FBMA), is leaving the position after nearly 20 years

As we transition into 2012, Wells Fargo's growth outlook reflects more of the same for the year ahead. They expect the economy to expand at around 2.1 percent for the year.


Bank credit, through C&I loans and securities, is following a typical cycle contrary to some commentary. What is unusual is the depth of the correction in real estate lending—a product of perceived home values.

Some of the optimism about housing, consumer spending and the broader economy eased back a bit this week, amid a smattering of softer economic reports.

A report that rates Mississippi far worse than other coastal states at mandating and enforcing building standards should be a wake-up call for policy makers.

Tri-County Truss, which until last August operated a facility on 8.5 acres at the Port of Skagit near Burlington, Wa., is back in business.

The Truss plate Institute elected Charlie Hoover of ITW Building Components Group, Inc. (ITW) as its 2012 President.  

By an overwhelming margin, American voters strongly value homeownership and would oppose efforts to weaken or eliminate the mortgage interest deduction.

2011 ended on a positive note with economic activity continuing to expand at a moderate rate and the housing sector finally gaining some positive momentum.