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OSHA 'Severe Violators' Cases Grow Steadily in Early 2016

Federal safety officials have added, through mid-April, 21 new construction-industry cases to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Severe Violators Enforcement Program, according to a tabulation made by ENR.

DOE Rule Increasing Energy Efficiency of Manufactured Homes Presents Opportunity for Foam Insulation

The Department of Energy has issued a pre-publication Federal Register notice of proposed rulemaking pertaining to energy efficiency for manufactured housing. (May 20, 2016).

CertainTeed Insulation Helps Insulate and Manage Mold

MemBrain intelligently adapts permeability to the humidity battles your walls face—keeping your walls dry year round while still maintaining air tightness.

Four Net-Zero House Plans Rely on Innovative Framing & Insulation

Offering both beauty and brains, these designs come from the Energy Saver Plus Collection, which features plans that boast energy savings of 40% to 50% compared to typical new homes. 

Energy Efficient Retrofits Comprise 61% of Commercial Projects

Citing McGraw Hill data, the U.S. Green Building Council observed that 61 percent of all construction projects today are retrofits.

Are Energy Efficiency Measures Going Backward in 2018 IECC?

Preparing for greater risk of natural disasters due to climate change is absolutely critical, but wouldn't it be even better if we could halt climate change in its tracks?

Dow Corning Post-Merger Leadership Announced

Dow Corning Corp. Chairman, President and CEO Bob Hansen will be retiring from the company following its acquisition by the Dow Chemical Co. and a top official with Dow will become chairman.

Time Expiring for Reconciliation of Energy Reform Bill

U.S. lawmakers still hope major energy reforms will be signed into law in 2016, but the legislation may be held up by Democratic resistance to certain provisions in the House of Representatives' energy bill.

DOE's Energy Efficiency Initiative Has Saved Businesses $1.3B

Through Better Buildings, the Department of Energy aims to make commercial, public, industrial, and residential buildings 20% more energy efficient over the next decade. 

How Proper Building Ventilation Helps Achieve Net-Zero

Most often, ventilation sucks.

When I was the third contractor enrolled in Energy Upgrade CA, I enjoyed being on the cutting edge of high performance building. However, ventilation was repeatedly one of the biggest challenges we faced as a state trying to push for affordable deep green buildings.

Top 10 US Chemical Companies Benefited from Cheap Energy in 2015

The shale boom has transformed manufacturing and turned the U.S. into one of the world’s leading low-cost producers of chemicals. For many of the companies on this list it has translated into bigger sales and revenue.

Judge Forces Reevaluation of Current Softwood Lumber Marketing Campaign

The Department of Agriculture failed to justify the amount of money it collects from U.S. lumber companies to support an industry marketing campaign, a federal judge ruled.

Lowes Purchase of Canadian Counterpart Approved

The Lowe's takeover of Quebec-based Rona has now secured all the levels of approval it needs.

Analyzing Trends Within the 2016 ProDealer 100

The 10 biggest companies account for $28.84 billion of the $41.74 billion that the entire ProSales 100 racked up in sales for 2015. That 69.1% share of the total is nearly eight points more than it was for last year’s list.

ProSales Releases 2016 Top 100 ProDealers

The nation’s largest pro-oriented construction supply firms saw sales rise 10.2% in 2015 from their year-earlier performance to reach $41.74 billion, while they increased the number of facilities by 9.7% and grew payrolls by 10.5%.

ABC Supply Expanding Operations in Indiana

ABC Supply Co. — a distributor of roofing, siding, windows and other exterior building products, tools and supplies — is planning to grow its footprint in Oliver Industrial Park.

Museum Exhibit: Bliffert Lumber Markets Material Supply Business

The Northside Lumber & Fuel Co., today known as Bliffert Lumber & Hardware, was founded in 1904, and still exists in its original form in the Streets of Old Milwaukee, a permanent interactive exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

US & Canada Announce SLA Trade Negotiations This Week

Simmering tensions between B.C. and Quebec, and between large and small Canadian lumber producers, will frame formal Canada-U. S. negotiations to take place in Ottawa next week.

Making the Case for T-Bracing Trusses

Building failures often start at the top. A strong truss ensures for a stronger building, adaptable to the rigorous winds and rumblings of nature.

Graphic: 2 Forces Currently Driving the Housing Market

Two time and volume frameworks run simultaneously in the minds of the nation's bigger home builders and developers.

Are Government Regulations Holding Housing Back?

Seemingly everyone applauds the recent surge in home prices as a positive sign for the economy. But, in fact, it isn’t. If anything, it’s a sign the federal government still hasn’t learned its lesson about excessive regulation.

Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs Introduced in Ohio and Connecticut

Energy efficiency incentive programs were recently introduced in Ohio and Connecticut.

Energy Code Rollback Legislation in S. Carolina and Maine Stall

Efforts to roll back energy codes in South Carolina and Maine appear to stall this week.

California Company Proving Solar Panels Can Be Affixed Anywhere

Los Angeles startup Sunflare is creating solar panels that are smaller and lighter than your average rooftop solar, meaning you can put them almost anywhere.

Senate Passes Energy Appropriations Bill, Includes Funding for Energy Efficiency

The Senate on Thursday passed a $37.5 billion package to fund energy and water programs in 2017. 

Video: The Wrong and Right Way to Flash a Stone Ledge

I see this paper flashing used all over the South, yet it's a terrible product and an incorrect detail. Join me on an unscheduled Builder 911 visit and I'll tell you how it holds up, plus the right way to flash a stone or brick ledge.

DOE Requests Public Comments on Ways to Reduce its Regulatory Burden

The DOE has issued a request for information (RFI) seeking feedback from the public to help it improve the regulatory process to make it more effective and less burdensome.

New Study Explores Integrated 'Systems Approach' to Energy Efficiency

There is growing consensus in the buildings industry that focusing on building systems will become increasingly necessary to achieve future meaningful and cost-effective energy savings in buildings.

Analyzing the Advantages of Aluminum Roofing Systems

Aluminum is a perfectly viable material for standing seam, though probably 85 percent of metal standing-seam roofing is produced from either galvanized steel or galvalume.

Photos: Cavity Spray Foam and Exterior Rigid Foam Yield R-34 in Thin-Stone Veneer Home

To make the house as energy efficient as possible, we used closed-cell spray foam to fully fill the 3 1/2-inch stud cavities, and 1 1/2 -inch-thick foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam on the exterior to create a thermal break.