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Alpine Consolidates Product Information into New Website

Alpine is excited to announce the launch of our new website at

Best U.S. Net-Zero House in Driftwood, Texas?

“Fine Homebuilding” magazine named a custom house in Driftwood as its “Best Energy-Smart Home 2015.”

Coalition Develops EPA Clean Power Plan Compliance Calculator

Today, the Alliance to Save Energy and the Energy Efficient Codes Coalition announced the release of  a landmark calculator that state air quality offices can utilize to estimate the carbon emission savings from state adoption and enforcement of the most recent building energy codes.

Iowa University Project Highlights ACH's Innovative Rigid Foam

Just one year ago, ACH Foam Technologies changed the insulation industry by releasing Foam-Control® Plus+®, an architectural grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. 

ME, MI and MN State Legislatures Consider Energy Efficiency Measures

Three state legislatures saw action on energy efficiency measures.

DOE Announces Stakeholder Meeting for 2018 IECC Development

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Energy Codes Program will host a public meeting during which stakeholders can present initial concepts for the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Senate Democrats Sponsor National Renewable Energy Mandate

Senate Democrats are trying again to create a national renewable electricity standard to create jobs, save consumers money, and reduce pollution.

Builder Advises on How to Install Engineered Horizontal Siding

One of the keys to a successful siding project is setting up the jobsite to minimize wasted steps as well as the number of times the material is handled. 

New Report Issued on Installation of Exterior Rigid Foam

New guidelines from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Building America program cover the design and construction of wall assemblies that use more than 1 ½ inches of rigid exterior insulation.

CA Offers $9M in Grants to Train Energy Efficiency Workforce

The California Energy Commission will award up to $9 million to create a workforce trained in advanced technologies and strategies for making new and existing buildings more energy efficient.

Video: Builder Critiques Zip Wall Sheathing

Justin Fink travels to Wellesley, Mass., to observe a production crew frame and skin a house using Zip System sheathing and compatible seam tape. 

Builders Looking for Suppliers Who Will Partner to Grow Markets

Savvy builders maintain relationships with mortgage companies, contractors, designers and agents that buyers can use, thus increasing their own value in a buyer’s eyes.

Construction Accounts for 1 in 5 Jobs Created in April

Fortune columnist Chris Matthews drills into employment reports and job openings data, noting that the construction industry accounted for one of every five of the jobs created in April. Still, labor shortages persist.

CA Assembly Passes Bill Giving Native Lumber Preference

A bill would require any state agency that purchases lumber to give preference to lumber harvested, if price, fitness, and quality are equal

US LBM Buys Another NJ Distributor

US LBM announced today it acquired A&C Supply, a Delaware Valley, N.J., distributor.

NJ Governor Vetoes Mandatory Sprinkler Bill

Last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie conditionally vetoed legislation that would have required fire sprinkler systems to be installed in all new single and two-family homes built in the state.

Natural Museum's Best Attraction? It's Trusses

One of the Wagner Free Institute of Science museum's greatest scientific works is neither animal nor vegetable. It's mineral: the patented iron-and-wood truss that holds up the roof.

Video: 5 Critical Contract Terms for CMs

You need to address these five issues in every contract and that will be a great start to the way you negotiate contracts going forward.

Ventilation v. Eaves Blocking in Seismic Zones

Q.I have a question about the hidden soffit vent details you've published recently, Is it possible to build this so that you get a positive transfer of lateral loads from the roof sheathing to the frieze blocking and into the top plate?

Alpine Moves its Earth City Offices

Alpine's Earth City office will be moving to a new location on Friday, May 22. Alpine's new St. Louis office will be located at 13723 Riverport Drive, Suite 200, Maryland Heights, Missouri 63034.

End of an Era?: Top 100 ProDealers

Rarely have the nation’s biggest pro dealers been doing so well. Rarer still are the changes under way that will rock the industry.

Architecture Billings Up on Growing Nonresidential Sectors

The Architecture Billings Index rose 1.3 points to 51.7 in March, a reading that is consistent with continued gains in construction outlays. Although the nonresidential sectors firmed, multifamily remained weak.

Owens Corning Appoints New Senior VP & General Counsel

Owens Corning has appointed Ava Harter to the role of senior VP, general counsel and secretary, effective May 18, 2015.

Chemical Companies Invest in Biofuels and Sustainable Products to Combat Global Warming

Despite all the head-butting, some of the world’s top chemical companies have not only called climate change “man made,” they’re leading the charge to combat it.

Dow Chemical to Trim 3% of its Workforce

Dow Chemical Co. expects to reduce its global workforce by roughly 3%, part of an effort to streamline the company ahead of the pending spinoff of a significant portion of its chlorine business.

Feds Determine that 2009 IECC Will Not Negatively Affect Affordability or Availability of Homes

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have issued a final determination that adoption of the 2009 edition of the IECC for single family homes  will not negatively affect the affordability and availability.

Scientists Raise Concerns Over Chemicals in Common Building Products

Products as diverse as pizza boxes, architectural membranes, certain paints, carpet treatments, and coatings for metal roofing contain a common type of chemical that is drawing fresh concern from a group of scientists.

Top 7 Building Products Focused on Water Resistance

We’ve rounded up seven building products that will help you beat moisture during construction, and keep homes watertight well after you leave.

Reviewing the Good, Better and Best Water Resistant Barriers

 Regardless of your level of craftsmanship, water is going to find its way behind whatever you cover your exterior walls with—wood, masonry, metal, or vinyl.

How to Create a Moisture Seal with Foam that Will Outlast the Window

A simple appraoch is best for preventing leaks at rough openings.  Here's one approach.