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Owens Corning Backing Claims that XPS Better than EPS

Owens Corning is using scientific data, video and in-person demos to educate architects, builders and contractors about the proven performance, reliability, and manufacturing characteristics of XPS versus EPS.

Study Finds Energy Retrofits Reduced Emergency Room Visits 67%

An energy-retrofit of 31 single-family homes for low-income families in Baltimore, Md., not only saved energy but also cut down on emergency room visits by 67 percent. 

New Canadian Wood-Frame Energy Efficiency Requirements Provide Another Perspective

This edition of Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction has been updated to reflect the residential requirements of the 2010 edition of the NBC, including new energy efficiency requirements in the 2012 Interim Changes.

HUD Develops Guide Promoting Improved Energy Efficiency in Homes

To help consumers better understand the strategies and product options available to them, HUD has developed the Guide to Energy-Efficient and Healthy Homes.

NY Group Develops “Anti-Foam” Retrofit Details

A New York-based company have set out to create a suite of details for retrofit and new construction that will accomplish the air-sealing and insulation they're aiming to achieve, but without the foam.

Innovative Steel and EPS Sandwhich Panel Introduced

Veteran Infrastructure Products (VIP), is offering a panelized composite building system that provides an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of temporary and permanent housing needs.

Styrofoam is for Buildings, not Beverages

"There's no such thing as a Styrofoam cup," according to Dow Chemical Co., which owns the Styrofoam trademark.

Congressional Chemical Controls Reform Faces Opposition from Environmental Groups

If recent testimony in the US House of Representatives is any guide, Congress, industry, environmentalists and unions face a struggle  to find common ground in reforming federal controls for chemicals.

Senate Committee Approves Advanced Manufacturing Job Promotion Measure

It was an announced earlier today that the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (RAMI) has passed through the committee phase.

Polyurethane Innovation Promotion Campaign Launched

A new campaign was recently launched that celebrates more than 75 years of innovation enabled by polyurethane.

NIOSH Data Affirms AWC/NAHB Approach to Firefighter Safety not Fact Based

In reviewing NIOSH reports, there is no compelling evidence to suggest that engineered products are any more dangerous than solid sawn materials in real fire situations.

Heroism: Remembering Another April Firefighter Death Linked to 2x Floor Joists

April 11 is the anniversary of the Line of Duty Death of New Jersey Firefighter/Foreman Kevin Apuzzio who gave his life while attempting to save the life of a trapped civilian.

Update: Truss Manufacturer Fined $59K in Death of Cyclist

Eastern Roof and Floor Truss Manufacturing was fined $59,000 in Clarenville court yesterday after pleading guilty to breaching Section 5(d) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Banks Hindering Low- & Mid-Priced Home Construction, High-Priced Growing

Sure home sales are growing, but most of that growth is in the higher end of the market—the side flush with buyers having high credit scores and big down payments.

Emerging Trend? Analyzing Florida's Construction Lien Law

In order for a supplier of materials or a "materialman" to have a construction lien on a property, his product must either be specially fabricated or actually incorporated into the property.

Southern Pine Exports Up 44%, Does it Impact Domestic Supply?

USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service recently reported exports of Southern Pine was approximately 44.2 million board feet (MMbf) for January 2014.

Lumber Mill Consolidation Continues, West Fraser Purchases Bibler Brothers

West Fraser has entered into an agreement to acquire the Bibler Brothers Lumber sawmill and lumber manufacturing operations located in Russellville, Arkansas. 

Only 16% of Contractors Like Working with Big Boxes

More than 40% said they used bigger home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot because their prices and selection can’t be beat, but would go elsewhere if it made sense. Only 16% reported they liked shopping at the big stores.

OSHA's Combustible Dust Rule Faces Further Delays

After an explosion at an Imperial Sugar Co. factory killed 14 workers and injured dozens in 2008, U.S. officials promised rules for handling combustible dust. Six years later, there has been little change.

Can Inspectors & Contractors Have Improved Relationships?

Inspectors and contractors have the same goals in mind: safety and completing a project as efficiently as possible in order to satisfy the homeowner and move on to the next project. 

Wells Fargo's Chartbook Projects Housing Demand

Underlying demand for new houses remains exceptionally weak, as traditional buyers are still deferring home purchases.

If 60% of Structure-Related Firefighter Deaths Occur in Conventionally-Framed Buildings, Protect Everything Equally

In viewing the complete list of US firefighter fatalities from 1980-2012, including a break out of deaths involving structural products,  if five percent of firefighter fatalities were from "in structures," and 60 percent of those deaths occurred in conventionally-framed buildings, shouldn't 2x10s be protected?

SBCA Continually Advocates for a Common Sense, Fact-Based Approach to Fire Safety

The following public comment was offered by SBCA as a counter-proposal to the original AWC RB31-09/10 proposal.

AWC/NAHB Provision Eliminates Free Market for Floor Trusses & I-Joists in Ohio

Section 502.14 of the Residential Code of Ohio (RCO), which replicates Section R501.3 of the IRC, effectively bans from the market floor trusses produced and I-joist distributed by Ohio truss manufacturers

How Floor Trusses Became an Endangered Species, the Politics of it All

In reviewing public documents surrounding the 2010 Final Action Hearing of the ICC with regard to proposals RB31-9/10 and RB87-9/10, one would gather NAHB & AWC did a lot of work behind the scenes.

AWC & NAHB Author Original Code Change Proposals Effectively Banning Floor Truss and I-joist Use

This article outlines the original code change proposal that started a non-science based threat to the wood truss and I-joist market.

80% of Survey Respondents Would Choose Highly Energy-Efficient Home Over Alternative

Over 80% of this NAHB survey's respondents would choose a highly energy-efficient home with lower lifetime utility costs over a home that costs 2 percent to 3 percent less on purchase but does not have those features.

Wood Industry Provides Environmental Product Declaration Roadmap

To address the environmental sustainability of wood and wood-based products, the American Wood Council and Canadian Wood Council collaborated with the Composite Panel Association and UL Environment to develop the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for particleboard.

House May Still Consider Bipartisan Energy Efficiency Legislation This Year

There are signs that the House may pull together another bipartisan package of efficiency legislation that could include energy efficiency for schools and ESPCs. 

Senate Committee Approves Extension of Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

The Senate Finance Committee marked up and approved the Expiring Provisions Improvement Reform and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act, which seeks to extend tax credits for residential energy efficiency and deductions for expenditures for energy efficient commercial building property.