Industry News

Texas Adopting New Statewide Energy Codes

Texas is adopting new energy codes and every municipality must update its codes accordingly.

New Report Predicts Energy Efficiency Market to Grow 9.6% Annually Through 2020

The global energy-efficient building market is expected to see steady growth through 2020, growing at 9.6 percent annually, according to a new report.

Start-Up Company Converting Plastic Waste into Structural Building Blocks

Conceptos Plásticos is a Colombian business that transforms plastic and rubber waste into permanent and temporary housing, shelters, classrooms and community halls. 

Builders Beginning to Embrace 'Decay-Resistant' Thermally Modified Wood Siding

A recent article in ProSales Magazine examines thermally modified wood siding, a high-performance product developed in Europe that is now being by builders in the U.S.

Benjamin Obdyke Releases New Commercial-Grade UV Housewrap

Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated today announced it has strengthened its line of moisture management solutions with the release of commercial-grade FlatWrap® UV housewrap.

TYTAN Products to Be Distributed Through General Insulation's 50-Branch Network

Selena USA is pleased to announce that General Insulation Company, Inc., is now carrying its TYTAN Professional brand of Foams, Sealants and Adhesives designed specifically for the professional contractor.

Architects Develop Resilient House Entirely Out of Bamboo

The 62-square-meter (670-square-foot) prototype is the first structure in Vietnam to be built almost entirely out of bamboo.

Stucco & OSB Moisture Management Issues Plaguing Homes in Florida

Beazer Homes has a headache down on the west coast of Florida, their homes are rotting away from the inside due to a defect in stucco.

Huber's New Zip System Simplifies Energy Code Compliance

This article in Builder Online briefly explores how recent changes to Huber’s ZIP R-sheathing system will help builders more easily comply with the requirements of the energy code.

Fortifiber Creates Window Installation Technique for Drainable Housewrap

Fortifiber has created a window installation technique specifically for drainable housewrap.

Pro Dealer M&A Trends May Impact CMs Future

This article in ProSales Magazine takes a closer look at mergers and acquisition (M&A) trends in the building material supply industry. 

New Technical Symposium Expands Training & CEU Opportunities

SBCA is an ICC Preferred Education Provider and an AIA Continuing Education System Provider.

Composite Panel Systems Signs Fiberglass Supply Agreement with Owens Corning

Owens Corning and Composite Panel Systems, LLC, today announced the formation of a new supply alliance to support production of CPS’ innovative EPITOME™ composite-based foundation wall system solution.

Alpine Introduces the SpeedSet Table Retrofit System

The Alpine SpeedSet system will add automated pucks to the customer's assembly, speeding up production, increasing accuracy and raising profits.

Canadian Premiers Accuse US Senators of Lying About Lumber

Premier Christy Clark and other provincial and territorial leaders have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asking him to refute the latest lumber trade action by U.S. interests.

Ontario's Kent Trusses Closes

Reports today are indicating that the biggest employer in Sundridge, Kent Trusses, has shut down.

Kentucky's Power Truss Investing $1.6M to Double Production

Power Truss Inc., a producer of wood roof and floor trusses for the construction industry, will expand its operation in Mayfield with a more than $1.6 million investment.

Older Millennials Adding to Pent Up Demand for Housing

Data suggests that older millennials are choosing to remain living with their parents, increasing pent up demand.

Massive Oregon Development Showcases Builder's Innovative Zoning Approach

A massive South Hillsboro project recently broke ground; putting out the welcome mat out for 20,000 people.

New BCSI for Cold-Formed Steel Now Available!

The newly updated BCSI for cold-formed steel is now available for purchase.

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Zeeland Lumber Shares Innovative Approach to Customer Service

A recent article in ProSales Magazine explores the management philosophy of AJ Konynenbelt, VP of Sales for Michigan’s Zeeland Lumber. 

Homes Getting Smaller, but Opportunities on the Rise for CMs

ProSales Magazine recently interviewed Zelman & Associates CEO Ivy Zelman about an apparent shift in the market from higher-end homes to smaller, entry-level houses.

SBCA Board Approves Changes to BCMC Build Initiative

The SBCA Board of Directors agreed last week to make two changes to BCMC Build, one affecting this year, and the other starting in 2017.

New Cellular Glass Insulation Offers Both Structural and Thermal Performance

FOAMGLAS® is a porous cellular glass insulation that's similar to rigid foam but designed to address problems with thermal bridging.

Survey of US Insulation Manufacturers Indicates Significant Consumption of Recycled Materials

U.S. manufacturers used more than 1.7 billion pounds of recycled glass in the production of residential, commercial, and industrial thermal and acoustical insulation.

Dow Anticipates Quintupling its Sales in China in 20-25 Years, Will Focus on Energy Efficiency

The CEO anticipates plenty of opportunities in China for chemical makers as the expanding middle class accelerates a shift that puts services and quality of life at the heart of the economy.

Dow Chemical Constructing New Styrofoam XPS Insulation Manufacturing Facility

The Dow Chemical Co. plans to construct a new manufacturing facility to produce STYROFOAM Brand Extruded Polystyrene Insulation.

Icynene Using New Blowing Agent in its High-Performance Spray Foam Insulation Products

Icynene plans to use Opteon 1100, and add it to its portfolio of new polyurethane spray foam products that help deliver superior insulation performance with a lower global warming impact.

Huber Releases 10-Inch Zip System Stretch Tape

Take advantage of Huber Engineered Woods’ Zip System Stretch Tape that is now available in a versatile 10-inch width that’s ideal for flashing recessed windows and other deep rough openings.