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CA Faced with Possibility of 6-foot Fall Protection Standard

California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards Board Advisory Committee addressed residential fall protection at a meeting held on November 2 in Sacramento, CA. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor Jordan Barab advocated that California revise its fall protection requirements from 7 ½ feet, to the national OSHA standard of 6 feet. 

FrameSAFE Garners Positive Comments from Framers & Beyond

Since FrameSAFE first rolled out in March of this year, 23 NFC Professional Framer members and 12 Skilled Subcontractors have subscribed to the program. As this bilingual, OSHA-compliant safety program is being implemented across the country, the feedback has been very positive.

Video: Friendly Wall Introduces Wall Board Made from Recycled Wood

Lauren Hunter gets hands-on with Friendly Wall, a Canadian company cutting its way into the States with their easy-to-install, eco-friendly wall boards that give new life to repurposed wood.

Webinar: Pursuing High Performance Homes With or Without the Code

Join a builder/remodeler, building performance consultant and Wisconsin code expert to discuss the evolution of Wisconsin's residential construction practices.

Group Proposes Objective Measure for Building Industry to Compare Home Comfort & Efficiency

IBACOS believes the industry needs a way to objectively measure, predict, and compare a home’s overall ability to deliver comfort to its occupants. We call it a Thermal Comfort Rating Metric.

New Study Indicates More Builders Embracing Energy Efficiency Technologies

Builders are increasingly committed in to green building, according to a McGraw Hill Construction’s Dodge Construction Market Forecast released Wednesday morning. 

'First Cost' Analysis Regressive & Stymies Innovation, is 'True Value' the Answer?

One of the biggest barriers to progress on housing, be it affordable, market rate, sustainable, you name it, is an accounting challenge.

Infographic: Prototype 'Plastic House' Showcases Foam

Yahoo Real Estate's Jennifer Karmon profiles a new plastic house model, designed by the Plastics Make It Possible campaign, which measures 200 square feet.

3 Factors that are Quickly Changing the Insulation Market

Three factors—stricter codes, enhanced materials, and a systems approach— are poised to change how insulation is made, sold, and installed. 

Rhino Linings Announces New Spray Foam with Easier Field Application

Rhino Linings Corporation, a leading supplier and manufacturer of protective coatings and spray foam, announces the release of ThermalGuard CC2, ushering in their “next generation” of spray polyurethane foam insulation products.

Roxul Launches Website with Energy-Efficient Design Tools

Insulation manufacturer ROXUL Inc. has introduced its Energy Design Centre (EDC) on its website.

BlueTarp Offers New Credit Management Tool for CMs

BlueTarp Financial, the leading credit management company for B2B suppliers, recently announced the introduction of BlueTarp Powered, a new service model of their existing proven credit management service.

High Performance Buildings Also Need to Be 'Resilient'

Green building advocates have long been concerned about the built environment’s impact on nature. Now, some of the industry’s top thought leaders are raising an alarm about the ways that nature is impacting the built environment.

Delayed Marriages Delaying Demand for New Homes?

Wall Street Journal staffer Laura Kusisto looks into reasons that might explain how more and more young adults, aged 18 to 34, now live with their parents than right after the Great Recession.

Lumber Producers & Homebuilders Square Off in Softwood Lumber Dispute

The newly elected Canadian government faces the challenge of re-negotiating the recently expired US lumber trade pact.

Report Ranks States Most At-Risk for Natural Disasters

A new report shows that states across the country are largely unprepared to face the significant and increasing risks posed by changing levels of extreme weather, including extreme heat, drought, wildfires, and flooding.

Contractor: 'BIM Is a Process, Not a Software'

One of the misconceptions I often hear is reference to BIM as software. BIM is a process, not a software program.

Industry Mourns Passing of Linda Weaver

Linda Davis Weaver, age 66, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at her home surrounded by her loving family and friends. Her husband, Gary, is SBCA’s 2015 Hall of Fame Award recipient.

BFS Announces Public Offering of 7M Stock Shares

Builders FirstSource, Inc. today announced that the previously announced public offering of 7,000,000 shares of its common stock by Warburg Pincus Private Equity IX, L.P. will be priced at a price to the public of $13.25 per share. 

Infographic: Analyzing Cost of a 2015 Single-Family Home

NAHB economist Carmel Ford has provided an analysis of the association’s latest Cost of Construction Survey on costs related to building single-family homes.

Metsä Wood & Snavely Reach LVL Distribution Agreement

Metsä Wood and Snavely Forest Products have agreed on a strategic partnership to distribute Metsä Wood’s Kerto LVL products into North-Eastern USA. 

How Housing Is Driving Weyerhaeuser to Buy Plum Creek

There's a good bit of informed conjecture that housing is going to continue to make headway against impediments in Weyerhaeuser's acquisition of smaller rival Plum Creek Timber.

One of the Best Ways for CMs to Improve in 2016

Mark your calendar today for the following dates and plan to attend an SBCA OQM in 2016.

Are Energy Efficiency Gains Being Offset by Larger Homes?

According to the DOE, the gains in energy efficiency on the per-square-foot yardstick are being largely offset by the trend in expanding square footage, period.

Farm Provides Unique Contrast Between Post-Frame and SIP Construction Methods

EPS manufactures both post frame and SIP buildings so it provided a good solution for the needs of the Stevermer brothers and their farm operation.

High Performance Builder to Host Seminar on Using SIPs to Surpass Energy Code

Learn from award winning builder, Matt Belcher, on how employing SIPs for your next building envelope positions the project to meet and surpass both current and upcoming energy codes.

Does the Size of a Rain-Screen Drainage Gap Matter?

Rain screens are necessary, but how big do they have to be? The question is answered here.

Fiberglass Versus Foam: Insulation Market Competition Heating Up

While some of the conclusions may be surprising, both studies indicate that fiberglass batts aren’t likely to lose their standing at the top of the field any time soon.

Soprema Develops New High Performance Waterproofing System

Soprema®, Inc. has developed MAMMOUTH Neo®, an eco-friendly, high performing waterproofing system developed with new technology to provide a sustainable, durable product with increased longevity and UV stability.

Breen Appointed CEO of DuPont, Company Breakup Speculation Increases

Ed Breen, the man who successfully led the breakup of Tyco International in the wake of an early 2000′s accounting scandal, has been named permanent CEO of DuPont