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Video: NAHB's Home Innovation Research Lab Conducts Comparative Study with DuPont

In tests conducted by the NAHB Research Center for DuPont, crews installed conventional sheathing followed by DuPont Tyvek products, it did the same thing with Huber's ZIP System and compared results.

Roxul Introduces Stone Wool Roof Insulation with Built-In Coverboard

By removing hard-to-use coverboard materials and reducing a layer of your roof system, TOPROCK DD and TOPROCK DD Plus are quicker, easier and more efficient to install. 

Photos: Step-by-Step Guide for Flashing Window Bucks for Exterior Insulation

We’re installing 2×3 bucks around the rough openings to pad the windows and doors out to the plane of the rain-screen surface.

Canadian Firm Proving Feasibility of Mass-Produced Net-Zero Homes

Among the ideas about housing afloat in official Ottawa these days, few are more potentially significant over the long haul than the dream of the net zero energy (NZE) home.

CertainTeed Breaks Ground on $100M State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

CertainTeed's new $100 million facility is packed with state-of-the-art machinery and computer technology that together will make shingle production safer, more efficient, and less harmful for the environment in terms of waste production.

Covestro Announces New Research and Technology at Polyurethane Conference

Covestro experts will be onsite to debut new research, give technical presentations and teach courses as part of the Polyurethane Professional Development Program (PDP), and are slated to discuss a wide variety of topics.

Icynene First to Earn UL's Greenguard Gold Certification for Open-Cell Spray Foam

Icynene has been awarded Greenguard Gold certification by UL Environment for its high performance, ultra-low VOC open-cell spray foam insulation – Icynene Classic Max.

Soprema Opens New Education & Hands-On Training Facility Near San Francisco

SOPREMA Inc. has opened a new training center and offices in Hayward, Calif. The Hayward facility, located approximately 45 minutes west of San Francisco.

USI Expands Insulation Operations in Southeast, Acquires IDS Specialty Building Products

United Subcontractors Inc, a national construction services provider of installed insulation and related services to builders, contractors and homeowners, announced the acquisition of Image Design Solutions.

Creating the 'Perfect Wall': Simplifying Water Vapor Retarder Requirements to Control Moisture

Recently, the Applied Building Technology Group, LLC (ABTG) for the Foam Sheathing Committee (FSC) analyzed current market knowledge, data, and practices with regard to water vapor retarder methods.

2 Firefighters Killed When Unprotected Floor Collapse

Firefighters in Wilmington, Delaware have honored two comrades who were killed in the line of duty Saturday when the unprotected first floor collapsed into the basement.

Lennar Buys Homebuilder WCI for Intellectual Property & Land

This article in Builder Online provides detailed analysis of production builder Lennar Corporation’s purchase of Florida-based WCI Communities. 

Can CMs Use Humor in Their Hiring Approach?

A recent article in ProSales Magazine highlighted a unique approach a lumber yard took to attract new employees, namely a humorous take on hard labor.

How Would Alabama's Coach Saban Handle an OSHA Inspection?

Given what we know about the habits that led to his success as a football coach, here’s how Saban might handle the difficult tasks of developing a culture of workplace safety and responding to an OSHA inspection.

Visit BCMC to Learn More About Hiring Millenials, Collaboration with Owens Corning, Component Delivery, Connection Hardware and Better Time Management

The BCMC show floor is bigger than it's been since the downturn. That means there will be more opportunities to learn something new and find a solution that will improve your business going forward. 

3 Ways Structural Concrete Industry is Advancing Against Wood

These three stories highlight recent and significant developments in structural concrete industry that will likely have an impact on wood framing in the future.

21 States & 50 Business Groups Sue OSHA to Stop Overtime Rule

A coalition of 21 states filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Labor on Tuesday in federal court in Texas demanding the court stop the department from promulgating its new overtime rule.

OSB & Softwood Lumber Prices Surge Up in August

In contrast to the steady overall index, prices of key building materials were anything but level. 

Report: Last SLA Made U.S. Lumber Consumers Overpay by $6B

The tariff barriers imposed on Canadian softwood lumber cost American consumers a fortune, all while enriching a limited group of producers, shows a Viewpoint published today by the Montreal Economic Institute.

Capital Lumber Grows CA Building Material Distribution Channel

Capital Lumber Company has entered into an agreement to purchase the assets of Capitol Plywood‘s distribution facility in Sacramento, Calif. The agreement is expected to be finalized September 30.

What CMs Should Know About the IRS Tax Withholding

Employers are now only required to submit Forms W-4 to the IRS when given written notice or specific direction.

Explore Your Opportunities to Learn at BCMC 2016

This year's BCMC show has a valuable line up of education sessions for component manufacturers, don't miss it!

Kingspan Insulation Invests $25M in New N. American XPS Manufacturing Line

Kingspan Insulation, a leading insulation manufacturer, is on course to add new capacity to its manufacturing site in Winchester, Virginia. 

Company Develops 100% Bio-Based Adhesive for Wood Products

The Scion bioadhesives team, led by Warren Grigsby, has developed the world’s first 100% biobased adhesive and resins for engineered wood products.

Some Builders Struggling to Comply with New Texas Energy Code

This new energy code in Texas requires homebuilders and home remodelers to meet higher environmental standards, including home and duct leakage tests, improved window performance and better wall and ceiling insulation.

Lapolla Launches Next Generation of 'Easy-to-Mix' Open-Cell Spray Foam

Lapolla Industries, Inc. announced the launch of its next generation “Easy-to-Mix” open-cell spray applied foam, which produces ultra high yield and is recognized for its ability to reduce energy consumption.

California's Energy Efficiency Requirements Forcing Homebuilders to Innovate

New regulations in California have builders scrambling to make houses more energy-efficient.

Company Develops Innovative Wall and Roof Insulation System for Metal Buildings

AutoCeil insulation and finishing system for metal building roofs and walls features a new automated installation process which provides a tensioned ceiling support system for uncompressed, full thickness insulation.

New Report Projects Polyurethane Foam Market to Grow to $74.24B by 2021

A new report projects that the polyurethane foam market size will grow from USD 46.05 Billion in 2015 to USD 74.24 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 8.4% between 2016 and 2021.

New Air-Leakage Test Requirement Could Expand 'Peel-and-Stick' Housewrap Use

A recent article in ProSales Magazine discusses how a recent IRC code change requiring air-leakage testing may encourage greater use of peel-and-stick housewrap products.