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BIM Enabling 'Prefab' to Make a Big Comeback

Prefabrication is making a huge comeback in an era when advances in computer-aided design have reinvented the idea into an indispensable tool for some of the biggest commercial building projects.

Homebuilders Highlight Exterior Foam Insulation to Public

These Puget Sound home builders highlight some of the popular sustainable features currently trending in the homes they build.

Energy Efficiency in US Lags Behind Developed World

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy analyzed 16 major economies in 16 categories related to both public policy and performance.

Dow Plans to Raise $6B Through Sale of 'Less Lucrative' Assets

Dow Chemical Co. said it would raise about $1 billion from the sale of corporate assets such as rail cars and that it was reviewing joint ventures, part of a plan to raise as much as $6 billion through asset sales.

Air Products & Chemicals CEO Pledges Culture Shift to Retake Position as Industry Leader

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. new chief executive officer said the industrial gases producer needs to change its corporate culture and make better investment decisions.

Dutch Manufacturer Introduces Ultralight Stone Veneer-Foam Wall Panel

Rebel of Styles is very delighted to introduce its new innovative and amazing wall decor product: ULTRALIGHT stone veneer wall panel.

Stepan Looks to Invest $70M in Polymer Chemicals Facility in Louisiana

Specialty chemicals maker Stepan Co. announced plans to complete front-end engineering and design work for a potential $60 million to $70 million chemical production facility in Ascension Parish’s industrial corridor.

Market Transformation Strategies for Improved Energy Code Compliance

Code compliance—or, more specifically, the lack thereof—has been a constant challenge, as local legislative bodies, building departments, and inspectors are often insufficiently educated on the hows and whys of enforcing the energy code.

Top 10 States for Sales of New Homes

Here is a look at the last year in New Home Sales by region showing sales have decreased slightly over the past few months.

2015 ICC Codes Include Convenient "Redlined" Changes

Purchasers of any 2015 International Code PDF Download will also receive the code in ICC's new Redline format.

Outlook Brightening for Housing in Second Half of 2014

Freddie Mac released today its U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook for July, showing mixed data results for the housing recovery as we head into the second half of the year.

Florida Framer Faces $228K in OSHA Fall-Protection Fines

A Florida carpentry company faces $228,690 in proposed penalties for failing to provide fall protection at four work sites, according to federal regulators.

Forest Products Industry Promotes 42-Story Wood Building on Capitol Hill

The American Wood Council (AWC) showcased a 42-story-tall wood building model yesterday at the International Conservation Caucus Foundation's Forest Products Industry Expo on Capitol Hill.

States Where Energy Efficient Framing is in Highest Demand

This interactive heat map that displays how each state ranks for total energy costs, and breaks down average electric, natural gas, and fuel costs from WalletHub's "Most and Least Energy Expensive States" report.

Builders FirstSource Q2 Sales Highest Since 2006

Builders FirstSource achieved its highest sales level since 2006 as it swung to a profit in the second quarter ended June 30.

Video: SBCA Members Want to Know "How Are You?"

With BCMC just around the corner, we talked with a few SBCA members and they want to are you?

How Are You Staying Ahead of the Curve?

The educational sessions for BCMC 2014 are shaping up to equip you and your staff with the knowledge you need for growth and success in the coming year. 

Who Can Design the Most Efficient Truss? Masters Competition Pits Old Gray Wolf Against Old Farts

The First Annual SBC Masters Contest was part of the SBCA Annual Membership Drive this year; the end result was some great SBCA recruitment and a lot of fun!

Webinar: Thermal Bridging in Structures of Interest to the Engineering Community

This webinar identifies the problem of structural thermal bridging in building envelopes, and strategies to address it, in order to reduce a building's energy demands and minimize condensation-related problems.

Despite Perceptions, Economy Doing Well

National media recently covered the gap between perception and reality with regard to national economic performance.

Johns Manville Earns Top Insulate America Award

Johns Manville has earned the "Supplier of the Year" designation for the second year in a row by insulation contractor association Insulate America, Inc.

Lego Bricks Rely on Air Insulation

Kite Bricks -- which are patent pending -- are much like Lego in that they come in a variety of forms for different purposes and can easily connect together

Advancements in Polyurethane Insulation Started with Cold Beer

Since its beginnings, polyurethane and its applications have evolved to match advances in technology and manufacturing, as well as consumer demands.

New Study Investigates Combustible Materials in Wall Assemblies

Many combustible materials are used today in commercial wall assemblies to improve energy performance, reduce water and air infiltration, and allow for aesthetic design flexibility.

Federal Task Force Looks to Establish "Net-Zero" Definitions

The General Services Administration's Net-Zero Energy Task Group is planning to produce a draft letter with clear goals and guidance for net-zero energy buildings by this September.

NIST Net-Zero Home Success Highlights Improvements in Thermal Envelope

Braving a harsh winter with snow-covered solar panels, the Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility in Washington DC has come up trumps in a year-long study of its energy harvesting capabilities.

Video: The History of Exterior Moisture & Air Management

In the opening segment of this 5-part series, veteran JLC Live presenter, Mike Sloggatt, takes a look at the history of moisture and air management in exterior walls.

Performance of Steel Cable vs. Steel Truss May Surprise You

A cooperative research team compared the sustainability of two structural systems commonly used for spans exceeding 250 feet: the steel cable system and the steel truss system.

Video: Saw Blade 'Cutting' Wood at 150K Frames per Second

Here’s something way cooler than looking at tree rings with an electron microscope—a close-up look at a table saw blade cutting wood. 

Top 10 Markets Where Multiple Generations Form Household

A new Pew Research study looks at household composition, and specifically at the eye-popping increase over the past 34 years in households that host multi-generational family members. The number doubled since 1980.