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Passive House Beats Wisconsin Winters With 18-Inch-Thick Walls

Achieving the airtight passive house that uses less energy through superior trapping of heat and cool air is a far more difficult feat is harsh climates.

Students Upgrade 1933-Inspired Housing Development with Energy Efficient Design

A group of students and faculty members from the University of Tennessee has reinterpreted an 80-year-old regional housing model and updated it with smart design, sustainable materials and high-performance construction.

Can Plants & Garbage Replace Foam Insulation?

In some applications, fiberglass insulation, foam insulation, and wood can be replaced by manufactured alternatives that are made from waste materials and select raw materials. 

Improving Construction Market + Stricter Energy Efficiency Standards = Greater Polyurethane Demand

Demand for polyurethane products continues to grow in the U.S., largely propelled by the continued recovery of the construction sector and stringent energy-efficiency standards.

Opinion: California's Prop 65 is Encouraging Litigators to Destroy Small Businesses

Golden State bounty hunters are cashing in on a ubiquitous labeling law, Proposition 65. Small businesses are footing the bill.

BASF Adds Paper Chemicals to Performance Products Segment

German chemical giant BASF has plans to streamline operations at its paper chemicals business, which will affect approximately 50 jobs across the company's worldwide operations by 2015.

Self-Adhering Air Barrier Membrane Increases Building's Energy Efficiency

Garland's Aero-Block™ SA self-adhering membranes are engineered to prevent unwanted air, vapor and water from penetrating the building envelope. 

'Green Police' Promote Icyene's Closed Cell Sprayfoam Insulation

In this video, the Green Police promote Icynene's ProSeal Eco, the world's first 100% water-blown, closed cell spray foam insulation with a low carbon footprint. 

Pre-Fab Manufacturer Delivers First Net-Zero Home

Deltec Homes, an award-winning prefabricated home manufacturer based in Asheville, N.C., has delivered the first net-zero home from their Renew Collection, just months after the collection's launch.

Dow Becomes Member of Global Energy Efficiency Standard Organization

Dow Building Solutions - manufacturer of STYROFOAM™-A and XENERGY™ extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation - has become a member of the Passivhaus Trust 

Video: Museum Explores the American 'House'

The National Building Museum presents House & Home, a tour of houses both familiar and surprising, through past and present, challenging our ideas about what it means to be at home in America.

Could Lumber Prices Start Moving Lower?

The price of lumber is a key indicator used by investors to determine the strength of certain sectors of the economy such as housing.

Why More and More Architects are Choosing Wood

There is a growing movement to use the ancient building material instead of concrete or steel for large and tall structures.

32% Plunge in Multifamily Leads to August Housing Decline

Led by a steep 31.7% decline in multifamily production, nationwide housing starts fell 14.4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 956,000 units in August.

Infographic: 1 in 10 Workers Admit Using Marijuana

About 9.74% of Americans have gone to work under the influence of marijuana, a whopping 80.77% admit to getting their hands on the drug illegally. 

OSHA to Post New Injury Reporting Data Online to 'Embarrass' Companies

OSHA will require employers to notify the government within 24 hours every time someone loses an eye, or suffers an amputation, and will post that information online.

Top 15 Fastest-Growing New Home Markets

Metrostudy does a 100% count within markets across the country of move-ins into newly-built homes.  This is a powerful and reliable measure of end-user demand.

Economists Predict Housing Will Begin Driving Growth

Housing and business capital spending, two areas closely tied to swings in the world’s largest economy, are poised to diverge as home construction gives growth more of a boost in the long run.

Luke Spruiell of Spruiell Truss Loses Battle with Cancer

It is with a heavy heart we report that Luke Spruiell passed away Tuesday night after a short battle with cancer.

BCMC Build Starts this Friday, Challenge Issued

Our charity build project, BCMC Build 2014, will get underway in Charlotte, NC, this Friday, October 3!

Industrial Hemp Explored as Alternative Building Material and Insulator

You probably haven’t thought much about using hemp to construct your next home, but maybe you should. It’s durable, lightweight, carbon-negative, and resistant to pests, mold, and fire—and it could potentially cut energy bills in half.

Will 'Green Partnership' Overcome Agendas and Improve Energy Efficiency Standards?

Five prominent organizations within the green building community have banded together to facilitate more environmentally sustainable structures across America, but how successful will the new partnership prove to be?

Global Polystyrene & EPS Market to Grow to $42.11B by 2020

According to a recent report, the global polystyrene & EPS market was valued at USD 30.66 billion in 2013 and is anticipated to reach USD 42.11 billion by 2020, expanding at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2014 to 2020.

Air Products & Chemicals Announces Restructuring Plan

Industrial chemical and gas producer Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. announced Thursday that it will realign itself into seven reporting segments from the first quarter of fiscal 2015 as part of a major restructuring.

US House Approves Energy Measure Package, White House Threatens Veto

The House on Thursday passed a consolidated package of bills it has already passed to boost domestic energy.

BASF Uses 'Sustainability Criteria' to Evaluate and Improve Products

Chemicals giant BASF has created a new process for managing its product portfolio based on sustainability criteria.

Investor/Owner Trian Goes Public with Plan to Break Up DuPont

Activist investor Trian Fund Management LP's case to break up DuPont Co. is no sure shot.

Bayer Makes Plans to Shed 'Material Science' Plastics Unit

Bayer AG plans to shed its plastics business, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that would further the German company's shift away from its roots in chemicals and toward life sciences.

Dow Launches 'Game Changing' Low-Pressure Sprayfoam

Dow Building Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, today introduced its newest innovation that truly is a game-changer for the spray foam industry.

Infographic: Why Women Live Longer than Men

A picture is worth 1000 words.