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Cheap Natural Gas from US Could Start Boom for Global Plastics

Plastics manufacturers are counting on ethane processing plants tied to natural gas from the Marcellus, Utica and other shale regions in the United States to lift the industry out of its slow-growth pattern.

BASF & DuPont Among 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals & Materials

Renewable chemicals developer Genomatica took the #1 spot in the 2014-15 “30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals and Materials” rankings, published today in The Digest.

AWC Publishes Energy Code Compliance Guide for Wood

The American Wood Council (AWC) has published a new Design for Code Acceptance, “Meeting Residential Energy Requirements with Wood-Frame Construction” or DCA 7. 

Energy-Efficiency Advocates Take New Mexico's Building Code to State's Supreme Court

Energy-efficiency advocates are asking the state’s high court to review a New Mexico Court of Appeals decision in September that allowed a rollback of New Mexico’s green building code.

Video: Analyzing Huber's Innovative All-in-One Sheathing

Lauren Hunter takes a look at ZIP System radiant barrier panels – the latest addition to Huber Engineered Wood’s all-in-one sheathing offering. The panels could cool conditioned attic spaces by 30 degrees.

Video: 'Green Police' Evaluate Roxul's Insulation Made from Recycled Materials

The Green Police are back! This time, green building consultants Michael Anschel and Carl Seville show us batt insulation from Roxul that’s made from minerals and recycled materials.

Residential Homes Built in Past 10 Years Consume Less Energy

Single-family and multifamily homes built in the previous ten years accounted for just 3.2 percent of the energy consumed in the U.S.

Video: How Building Science Will Enable 2020 Energy-Efficiency Goals

In this Vision2020 presentation, Steven Winter, president of Steven Winter Associates, defines building science and outlines the key solutions in reaching 2020 energy-efficiency goals.

Florida CMs Discuss Market Opportunities & Challenges

On Friday, November 12, 2014, component manufacturers (CM) and suppliers from all across the state of Florida gathered in Orlando to discuss the current challenges they faced in the marketplace.

Structural Engineer Touts BIM for Enabling Design-Build

​PCS Structural Solutions finds that BIM improves delivery methods significantly.

Facts on Building Material Market Declin Starting 2007, Now Rebounding

Perhaps no businesses suffered from the housing downturn more than the building materials industry, particularly the big three sectors servicing residential construction: wood, cement, and drywall.

Economists: Labor 'Skills Gap' is Employer's Fault

It’s one of the most heated debates in economics: Is there such a thing as the “skills gap”?

Top 20 Metros: Texas Presents Greatest Opportunity for CMs

While the rest of the country struggled to recover from the recession, the economy in Texas has been on fire.

2 Large Fastener Companies Join Forces

Southern Fastening Systems and Carlson Systems announced a plan to join forces, creating a new force in fasteners, fastening systems and packaging with 136 branches.

'Mass Exodus' of Building Officials Within 5 Years

A survey conducted by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) for the International Code Council (ICC) reveals a ‘mass exodus’ of building safety professionals over the next several years.

Stick Framing Fails High-Performance Overhang Installation

Coastal Connection visited a job site in Maine ski country to follow along on the roof and wall framing for a super-insulated, high-performance addition designed using Passive House methods. 

US LBM Adds Kentucky Truss Manufacturer to Portfolio

US LBM today announced it acquired K-I Lumber & Building Materials, a Louisville, Ky.-based distributor of cabinetry, windows and doors, trusses, roofing, siding, and framing materials.

Making Your Employee's Retirement Planning Easier & Cheaper

SBCA is currently developing a 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) program for its membership.

Industry Mourns Passing of Simpson Strong-Tie's Founder

Simpson Strong-Tie founder Barclay Simpson passed away on Saturday evening, November 8. He passed away peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his family. Barc was 93 years old.

Regional Interests are Potential Force for Energy Policy Reform in New Congress

Energy analysts and lobbyists said energy policy is ripe for compromise in part because the political battle lines are sometimes based as much on geography as they are on ideology.

National Builder Using Innovative Framing to Maximize Insulation Coverage

David Weekley Homes, whose corporate offices are in Houston. The company joined the green building revolution by connecting with Environments for Living (EFL), which uses concepts of building science to build green homes. 

Market Not Ready to Adopt LEEDv4, USGBC Delays Phase Out of LEED 2009

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced today that it will allow LEED users to register projects under the LEED 2009 rating system until Oct. 31, 2016.

FEMA Recommending 'Safe Rooms' Made of Foam-Formed Walls

One example of a simple, low-cost shelter is constructed from cement-filled, foam-formed walls that have been reinforced with steel rebar. 

Video: 'Green Police' Discuss the Merits of Owens Corning's Complete Wall System

Michael Anschel, CEO of Verified Green, and Carl Seville, principal at SK Collaborative, are the Green Police. In this video they discuss the merits Owens Corning's collaborative wall system.

Video: Government Engineer Outlines Nation's Transition to Net-Zero Building Design

Paul Torcellini, principal engineer with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, discusses how we can achieve zero-energy buildings by integrating the cost of energy efficiency into design decisions. 

Spray Foam Helps Old Home Retrofit to Passivhaus and LEED Standards

Building a super-energy-efficient home from scratch is one thing. Remodeling an older home to meet the same standards is quite another.

Insulation Analysis, Promoting Value of Spray Foam, 1 of 5 Tips for Building in Cold Weather Climates

Cold weather is creeping in, so we rounded up some of our favorite stories on how to build better homes for sub-freezing temperatures.

Insulated Concrete Panel Mfg Superior Walls Expands into Canada

New Holland, Pennsylvania-based Superior Walls of America is now "of America" -- and then some.

Federal Court Ruling Favorable Regarding Builder's Duty to Repair

With insurers increasingly citing the “contractual liability exclusion” as a reason to avoid paying for damages covered by home builder liability insurance policies, a recent decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is good news for the housing industry.

2015's Best Housing Markets Explored Through 5 Great Graphs

In Metrostudy’s projections for 2015, it’s clear that builders need more lots, which means they’ll need to expand their land positions beyond A and B locations.