Industry News

Step-by-Step Guide for Air Sealing Around Wood Joists

This blog entry by 475 High Performance Building Supply provides several step-by-step guides to air sealing around wood  joists.

Video: Air Sealing the Joint Between Framing & Concrete

Most builders use a sill seal product between the bottom plate and concrete foundation. In this video, Matt Risinger explains why that is not always sufficient.

BASF Expands Joint Venture to Drive Growth of its Polyurethane Insulation Wall System

With the signing of two separate agreements, covering exclusive supply and joint development respectively,BASF and Aspen Aerogels are expanding their strategic partnership.

Sports Center Highlights Benefits of Insulated Roof and Wall Panels

Project architect for the Queanbeyan Indoor Sports Centre, Nabil Adhami specified insulated roof and wall panels from Kingspan Insulated Panels for the building envelope.

Company Develops Insulation Product Made from Organic Wool

This blog entry by 475 High Performance Building Supply promotes the virtues of a new insulation product: Havelock Wool, an insulation product made of organic wool.

Considerations When Installing Windows in Thick Walls

This Q&A entry in Journal of Light Construction gives perspective on the factors to consider when installing windows in thick walls.

2 Code Change Proposals Regarding Attic Insulation Receive Preliminary Approval

Two 2018 model code change proposals have received preliminary approval that will give builders additional options in meeting the IRC and IECC with regard to unvented attics and buried ducts.

Florida Media Report on Multiple Stucco Moisture Management Problems

Several local news outlets in Florida have reported on stucco defects in the past two months.

DuPont Launches New Tyvek Roofing Underlayment

DuPont Protection Solutions today announced the launch of a new line of roofing underlayments, DuPont Tyvek® Protec, part of the Tyvek® family of building envelope products.

Atlas Roofing Expands High Efficiency Wall System Line

Atlas Roofing Corporation is proud to announce an expansion of its product line to serve the demand for high efficiency commercial wall systems: EnergyShield® CGF Pro and EnergyShield® Ply Pro.

Housing: “There is a Lot of Room to Run”

One takeaway from the underlying numbers and numerous recent media reports is the increasingly transient nature of young generations.

How to Approach Discussing Realistic Deadlines With Clients

The goal in conversations with customers is to under promise and over deliver. Doing what you said you would do builds confidence and loyalty.

Be Prepared to Justify Your Value Proposition

Markup is merely tool to cover the costs of running a sustainable business on a daily basis, managing exposure to risk and providing a reasonable return on investment. 

Sales Advice: Don’t Give Away Your Playbook

Business is a competitive endeavor. You don’t want to expose yourself in a way that makes it easier for your competition to beat you. 

Your Text Messages Could be Legal Contract Documents

In St. John’s Holdings, LLC v. Two Electronics, LLC, the Massachusetts’ Land Court concluded (in what appears to be a case of first impression) that a string of text messages can constitute a writing under the Statute of Frauds.

US Softwood Lumber Production Up 1%, Consumption Up 13.4%

Softwood lumber production by U.S. sawmills reached 10.718 billion board ft. (bbf) of in the first four months of 2016, a gain of 0.9% from 10.625 bbf in the same period last year.

Triad Introduces Innovative Steel Stud Framing Table

Triad has developed a new product for Light-Commercial/Residential Steel Framing---the new Specialty Steel Stud Framing Table. 

Homebuilder Suing Municipality Over 'Architectural Standards'

A local home builder is suing the City of Greenwood, claiming the City is driving up the cost of homes with their new architectural standards.

Despite Headwinds, Historic Summer for Housing Ahead

Following the strongest spring in 10 years, the residential real estate market should continue to see growth throughout the summer despite some growing economic headwinds.

Map: Lot Sizes Shrink, How Much Depends on Region

While the nation’s lots are getting smaller on average, the regional differences in lot sizes persist.

The War on Accidents

If organizations want to win, they need to have efforts parallel to those of the military - to accomplish their missions while minimizing employee injuries.

New York Contractor Fined $249,000 for Fall Protection Fails

Chief Administrative Law Judge Covette Rooney recently upheld citations and penalties for Flintlock Construction Service, finding the company had knowledge of safety hazards at a 23-story hotel project in Manhattan, New York.

Standard Metrics for Commercial Building Energy Use Needed

ASHRAE published an issue brief advocating for standardized definitions and metrics of commercial building energy use in order to foster greater innovation.

Making the Case for Better Data on Building Energy Use

ASHRAE recently released talking points advocating for maintaining and enhancing the availability of data regarding building energy use.

Modern Net Positive House Built in Chapel Hill, NC

Architecturally, this Net Positive house effortlessly combines environmental stewardship with the simple volumes, flat rooflines, open floor plan, and indoor-outdoor living that define modern styling. 

Researchers Develop Method for Changing a Material's Structure for Better Performance

Rather than creating entirely new materials, researchers focused on changing the internal geometric structure of familiar plastics, metals, ceramics and composites.

Delta Gypsum Purchase Charlotte-Based United Materials

The owners of the Delta Gypsum building supply company confirmed plans to expand the company into Charlotte for the first time following its acquisition of Charlotte-based United Materials.

Panama Canal Expansion May Be Boon for Polyethylene Production

The $5.3bn expansion of the Panama Canal that just opened last week has prompted a huge wave of expenditures in the US as a handful of east coast ports prepare for larger ships.

MFM Building Products Introduces Self-Adhering Roofing Underlayment

MFM Building Products, a manufacturer of a full envelope of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, has released its Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal high temperature roofing underlayment.

Environmental Groups Urge Senate Not to Conference on Energy Bill

A coalition of environmental and conservation groups do not want the Senate to go to conference on the House-passed amendment to the upper chamber’s wide-ranging energy bill.