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New Tenant Star Program Good for Foam Insulation Industry

The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 201 5 will create a voluntary new Tenant Star program, model commercial energy and water efficiency leasing provisions.

DOE Seeks Comment on its Model Code Development Participation Process

DOE has issued a notice, and is seeking public comment on the process by which it produces its code change proposals for the IECC, and otherwise participates in the ICC code development process.

US Manufacturer to Begin Distributing Spray Cork

A U.S. manufacturer, Cubicco Homes, announced it plans to begin distributing a spray cork – cork in injected form – called CorkSol in U.S. markets.

DOE Seeks Comment on Assessing Cost-Effectiveness of Codes

The U.S. DOE is seeking input on how it may update and improve its methodology for assessing the cost-effectiveness (which includes an energy savings assessment) of residential and commercial building energy codes. 

3 States Consider Legislation Impacting Energy Efficient Construction

There was development on the following pieces of legislation in  Louisiana, Maine and Maryland statehouses that have an impact on energy efficient construction and/or the adoption of the latest building codes. 

Builder Discusses How Sprayfoam Can Provide a Vapor Barrier

Q: Can I use spray foam as a vapor barrier in a wall in Fairbanks (Alaska)? A: The short answer is yes.

Details for Ensuring Continuous Insulation Around Various Windows

In the most recent Building Science Corp. newsletter, Joe Lsitburek offers up clear guidelines for detailing windows in walls with continuous exterior insulation.

Engineered Wood Industry to Do Geothermal Research

The EWTA’s Advisory Committee at its fall meeting approved a recommendation from the Adhesives and Technical Subcommittee to allocate  $10,000 to fund hygrothermal research at the test facility.

APA Touts Efforts to Keep Codes Wood Friendly

In this article, APA-The Engineered Wood Association outlines the initiatives and partnerships they have developed to influence building and energy code provisions so they remain advantageous to wood products.

Wood Wall Panel Industry Aims to Reverse Growing Foam Sheathing Market

In this article, APA-The Engineered Wood Association outlines the testing they want to conduct on wood wall construction systems to curtail the growing use of foam plastic insulation wall sheathing.

Guess the Failure Point & Ultimate Load of These Trusses

The Truss Cowboys will be up against the New Kids on the Block at the 2015 SBC Masters Competition next month in Madison. 

Simpson Manufacturing Has Robust Q1 in North America

Simpson Manufacturing Co. announced first-quarter sales growth of 4.9% for the three months ended March 31, largely buoyed by progress in its North America segment.

Builders FirstSource Posts Strong Q1 Earnings

With the announcement of its ProBuild acquisition still reverberating through the industry, Builders FirstSource reported first-quarter gains in sales, gross margin and adjusted EBITDA.

Carter Lumber Capitalizing on BFS-ProBuild Merger

In what appears to be a new ad campaign, Carter Lumber tells builders and remodelers not to "let a couple of private equity firms waste your 2015."

US LBM Purchases FL-Based Rosen Materials

US LBM added another ProSales 100 company to its portfolio today when it announced its acquisition of Rosen Materials, a Sunrise, Fla.-based specialty dealer with 19 facilities in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, and New Jersey.

BMC Expands to Southeast by Purchasing VNS Corporation

BMC, the 8th-largest dealer in the U.S., announced today it acquired VNS Corporation, the 39th largest dealer in the U.S.

How Material Dealers are Weathering the Labor Shortage

Mark Barnard has more work than he can handle. For you, this is bad news, because Barnard has spent the past 11 years as a headhunter for building material dealers.

US LBM Owners Put Company Up for Sale

An open secret among building material supply executives reached the general public today when the Reuters wire service reported that the owners of US LBM have put up the company for sale.

Researchers Outline Why Wood is Better than Alternative Materials

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it would be better if we built buildings from wood than from concrete, brick, aluminium and steel.

Brooks Provides Insightful Analysis of BFS Purchase of ProBuild

In the short-term, BFS's purchase of ProBuild will probably be good for whoever competes with the two chains.

Canadian Softwood Lumber Agreement Likely to Expire

Canada's lumber producers fear the softwood lumber agreement with the United States will be allowed to expire in October, ending nine years of stability.

Alpine Introduces Two New Face-Mounted Hangers

Alpine’s new LDS and MDS Face-Mount Hanger Series are designed to enhance productivity by speeding and simplifying the construction process. 

BCMC 2015 Deadline for Early Bird Pricing Is May 1

The deadline for Early Bird pricing is Friday, May 1, so get your contract in this week and SAVE!

15 Most Popular Building Science Stories of the Past Year

 Here​, Builder Online ranked the past year's top 15 building-science stories that appeared on our site, based on website analytics, as voted on by the clicks of readers.

Builder Promotes the Many Benefits of Rigid Foam Exterior Insulation

Polyiso Insulation is a great choice because it has outstanding thermal performance, is cost-effective, and readily available nationwide.

New Cellulose-Based Wall Panels Made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

The Ecor Environmental Structural Panels from Noble Environmental Technologies are made from 100% post-consumer-recycled and bio-based cellulose fibers that are mixed with water, heated, and compressed into rigid, structural forms.

Chemical Producers to Cut Back Capital Expenditures but Increase R&D in 2015

Some of the chemical industry’s biggest companies plan to increase research investment this year, but they are holding back on capital spending.

Consortium of Energy Professionals Develop Advanced Energy Design Guides

The specific energy-saving recommendations are summarized in a single table for each climate zone and allow contractors, consulting engineers, architects, and designers to easily achieve advanced levels of energy savings without detailed energy modeling or analyses.

BASF Opens Fifth, and Largest, Construction Chemicals Plant in India

BASF India Limited today unveiled its largest construction chemicals plant in India at Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. This is also BASF’s fifth construction chemicals plant in India.

Company Developing Innovative, Fungus-Based Wall Insulation

First launching in 2009 after receiving a few awards and seed funding, Ecovative started off creating a mushroom foam packaging that uses 80% less energy than Styrofoam, but costs the same.