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Will Bio-Based, Renewable Chemicals Replace Petro-Chemicals?

The USDA estimates that bio-based chemicals, which are manufactured from renewable resources and are slowly beginning to replace their petroleum-derived counterparts, will constitute over 10% of the chemicals market by 2015.

Owens Corning Reviews 'Cradle-to-Grave' Sustainable Product Mindset

Over the past several years, environmentally-friendly building practices have begun to move from niche to normal. Green products are easy to find, but true sustainability goes beyond slapping on a “green” label.

Badlands NGL to Build $4B Polyethylene Manufacturing Plant in ND

Badlands NGL’s LLC and two partners announced plans Monday to build a $4 billion manufacturing plant in North Dakota that will convert a byproduct of natural gas processing into an ingredient for making plastic products

Map: IECC Residential Code Adoption by State

If every state adopted the 2012 edition, it would result in about $40 billion annual energy savings by 2030, and 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions avoided every year.

NIST Releases Energy Efficiency Design Evaluation Tool

NIST unveiled a new online tool, BIRDS, which allows users to compare the sustainability performance of a building type as the energy efficiency design of that building type is increased. 

Researchers Developing Building 'Skin' that Regulates Internal Temperatures

Imagine a building that self-regulates its temperature without electronics. A building that adapts, allowing outside air in as needed and eliminating the need for air conditioning, but that uses no energy in doing so. 

Video: Passive House Design Explained in 90 Seconds

Hans-Jörn Eich of Pinwheel Builds explains the basics and benefits of passive house design in a 90 second video.

Typical House has 1 Mile of Exterior Joints in Need of Insulation

In a typical residence, there is nearly one mile of exterior joints that can leak air. That’s 5,280 feet of potential problems.

Scientists Create Walls that Cool Without Air Conditioning?

A team of students and professors from Barcelona's Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is developing a design for walls that automatically cool--using zero energy--when temperatures rise outside.

NAHB Data Shows Market Opportunities for Floor Trusses

NAHB data shows that nationally, about 30 percent of new single-family homes started in 2013 have a full or partial basement, 54 percent are built on slabs, and 15 percent have a crawl space. 

Of the 5 High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Products Builders Prefer, 3 are Walls

High-performance products are at the heart of every green home, but their prices can induce sticker shock. Here are a few cost-effective solutions that are favorites of experienced green builders.

Big Builders Turn to Solar Panels, Creating Challenge for Trusses

A national program utilized by many of the country’s largest home builders has hit an ultra-low mark in the battle for cost effective solar power. 

Credit Now Flowing Freely for Multifamily Builders

They are not lending much to home buyers, and they're lending even less to single-family home builders, but banks are doling out big money to apartment developers.

White House Initiatives Include Push for Wood High-Rise Innovation

This week the White House launched a series of initiatives that "build community resilience by strengthening America's natural resources and supporting green infrastructure." 

A Case Study on Advantages of Post-Frame Residential Construction

Residential post frame remains a modest part of the industry, but as with all things post frame, it continues to evolve. 

Builders Anticipate Steady Building Material Prices, Except Gypsum

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Producer Price Indexes (PPI) for September. Inflation in prices received by producers (prior to sales to consumers) declined 0.1% in September from August.

Alpine Releases Next-Generation IntelliVIEW Software Suite

Alpine has announced the availability of IntelliVIEW 14.03, the next-generation release of the only comprehensive component manufacturing business suite that enables real-time integration.

GP to Invest $37M in Gudon, AK Lumber Mill

Georgia-Pacific today announced plans to invest $37 million at its Gurdon, Arkansas, lumber operations to expand the production capacity of the lumber mill by approximately 60 percent.

UFPI Net Earnings Up 36.5% in 3Q

Universal Forest Products had a fairly solid growth quarter in the third quarter, with sizeable gains in both earnings and sales.

Innovative Homebuilder Combines Energy Efficient Techniques with Geothermal for Homes Under $200K

Specializing in energy-efficient homes priced under $200,000, Ideal Homes has been racking up a long list of industry firsts for nearly two decades.

Research Points to Importance of Mitigating Thermal Bridging

Research and monitoring of buildings is increasingly showing the importance of reducing thermal bridging in new construction and mitigating the impact in existing buildings.

Vermont Subsidizing Energy-Efficient Mobile Home Purchases

The Vermont Housing and Conservation Board partnered with Efficiency Vermont for MHIP, a pilot program that is subsidizing 10 private purchases of the "next generation" of modular mobile home.

Passive House Demand Growing Quickly?

With the growing cost of fuel and increasingly stringent home construction codes, many architects, builders and homeowners are turning to "Passive House" or "Passivhaus" specifications to design and build their new homes. 

Installation Challenges Threaten Effectiveness of Products Intended to Improve Energy Efficiency

It’s true that better built houses take more time to plan and execute and sometimes require skilled labor and subs. Correct installation is crucial for the smooth operation of many high-performance systems.

California Agency Corrects Misinformation About Sprayfoam

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has completed corrections to the public documents distributed by the agency as part of the Safer Consumer Products Priority Products Initiative.

Sprayfoam Industry Online Testing Increasing in Popularity

More than 10,000 SPF professionals have completed CPI's High Pressure SPF Chemical Health and Safety Training program. 

A Key to Moisture Management is Reverse-Lapped Step Flashing

It’s a basic principle of what building science experts call “bulk water management”: rainwater that strikes a building has to be directed down and out. 

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Slowly Making a Comeback

The idea behind exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) is attractive: a continuous insulated skin that’s lightweight, versatile, and energy-efficient. 

SBCA Board Creates Information & Technology Committee

In recognizing that information and technology (IT) is increasingly becoming the lifeblood of the component manufacturing process, the SBCA Board of Directors approved the creation of a new IT Committee. 

BCMC Show Attendance Grows 40%, Biggest in 5 Years!

Many thanks to exhibitors and attendees alike for making BCMC 2014 a great success! Last week’s show focused on “gearing up for growth,” a fitting theme for an event that grew by leaps and bounds – showcasing the biggest show floor in five years and welcoming 40 percent more individual component manufacturers than last year.