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Wood Products Industry Hails Product Neutrality Language in Approved House Energy Measure

American Wood Council (AWC) issued a positive reaction to the House Energy & Commerce Committee's mark up of the “North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2015.”

Senate Democrats Introduce Competing Energy Reform Legislation

Last week, US Senate Democrats released what essentially amounts to their energy-related legislative wish list in the form of the American Energy Innovation Act.

House Energy Committee Passes Energy Bill with Potentially Harmful Building Energy Code Language

Last Thursday, the US House Energy & Commerce Committee approved the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2015, but it now contains harmful building energy codes language.

US DOE to Host Stakeholder Meeting to Review 2018 IECC Proposals

DOE recently published its draft proposals for the 2018 IECC and is inviting stakeholders to attend an upcoming meeting to encourage communication amongst stakeholders in preparation for the 2018 IECC development cycle.

BCMC Build Progresses, Stick-Built House Up

BCMC Build 2016 is in progress!  Framing on the Belman Homes house, which was stick-framed, is nearing completion. 

Top 10: States People Are Moving to (and Leaving) the Most

Americans are migrating to the West and South according to the 2014 Annual United Van Lines National Movers Study released last week. 

Alexander Lumber (IL) Buys Peoples Complete Building Center

Alexander Lumber, a dealer with 20 units in Illinois and Wisconsin, announced today it acquired the assets of Peoples Complete Building Center in Watseka, Ill. The store opened today with the Alexander Lumber name.

Industry Mourns Passing of 84 Lumber Founder Bob Hardy

Bob passed away on September 26, 2015, after spending the day surrounded by his seven children and the love of his life, Mary, his sweetheart and buddy.

16 Predictions About Rising Lumber & Wood Product Prices

Look for prices of just about all types of lumber products to rise over the next two years to rise in consort with improvements in the home construction and remodeling markets.

Nation's 4th Largest Builder Created Through Merger

Two US homebuilders have merged to create the county's fourth largest builder. Standard Pacific Corp. and The Ryland Group, Inc. merged into a  new company, CalAtlantic Group Inc.

1 Day, 3 New Ways for CMs to Get Enaged in SBCA

One day, three additional opportunities to get more actively engaged with fellow component manufacturers and suppliers.

Video: CMs Can Train Their Way to a Loyal Workforce

Join Travis White and Mike Ruede at BCMC 2015 to learn how an investment in success will result in a well-trained, loyal workforce that fits well with your company culture.

MiTek Develops Color-Coded Pneumatic Gun 'TECO' Nails

MiTek today announced that it has launched its new brand of pneumatic, collated gun nails, called MiTek TECO.

Canfor Purchases Anthony Forest Products, 5 SYP Mills

Anthony Forest Products Company is pleased to join with Canfor Corporation of Vancouver, Canada in announcing that we have entered into an agreement for the purchase of our Company by Canfor.

DOE Issues Comprehensive Evaluation of its 'Better Buildings Neighborhood Program'

The Department of Energy has issued a detailed warts-and-all evaluation of its $500 million stimulus-funded Better Buildings Neighborhood Program (BBNP).

Skylight Manufacturer Develops Proprietary Thermal Insulation Panel

Solatube International Inc. has announced the new Thermal Insulation Panel for its commercial product lines: the Solamaster Series and SkyVault Series.

US DOE Releases Common Definition of 'Net-Zero Building'

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a common definition of a zero-energy building, also called a net zero energy or zero net energy building, that applies to campuses, portfolios, and communities. 

Map: Analysis of Regional Markets for Exterior Wall Materials

Vinyl, including vinyl-covered aluminum, was the most common exterior wall material used in homes started in 2014, according to an analysis of government data.

Super Insulation and Energy Efficient Windows Make 5 Successful Passivehaus Buildings in the US

The next generation of ultra-efficient houses will redefine how we fight climate change—and how we live.

World's Largest 3D Printer to Build Cheap Houses Out of Clay

This 12-meter (40 ft) tall 3D printer was brought to life with the purpose of building nearly zero-cost housing through the use of local materials and as little energy as possible

Honeywell's Liquid Blowing Agent Among Finalists for Coveted Polyurethane Innovation Award

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry has announced the finalists for the 2015 Polyurethane Innovation Award: Dow Chemical Co., Honeywell International Inc. and Novomer Inc.

Could Congressional Inaction Curtail Rail Transport of Chemicals in 2016?

Chemical transport by train across the US may end on much of the nation’s rail network in January 2016, due to delays adopting new rail safety technology. 

Boral Uses Continuous Insulation with Masonry Veneer to Minimize Thermal Bridging

The use of continuous insulation can contribute to improved R-values, as required by building code. The measure of resistance to heat flow through a material’s thickness, R-value is the industry standard for insulation effectiveness.

Researchers Seek Patents for 'BioSIPs' Made From Organic Material

Several builders have turned to structurally insulated panels (SIPs) in recent years as a strong, reliable and sturdy building material that has kept houses upright during events like hurricanes.

Construction to Begin on 12-Story CLT Wood Building in Quebec

Wood construction is about to hit a new milestone as the tallest wooden building ever built in North America is set to begin construction in Quebec City.

How Immigration Downturn is Contributing to Labor Shortage

The U.S. construction industry has lost more than half a million Mexican-born workers since 2007, contributing to a labor shortage that’s likely to drive up home prices, according to a new analysis.

Mortgage Credit Trends Indicate Housing Has Turned a Corner

Outstanding home mortgage debt in the U.S. posted a 0.5 percent increase in the second quarter from the year before, the first year-over-year gain in mortgage debt since 2008.

US LBM Expands to SC, Acquires GBS Building Supply

US LBM moved into South Carolina today with an announcement that it will acquire GBS Building Supply, an employee-owned, six-unit, $47 million operation that sits 85th on the ProSales 100.

Private Equity Firm Purchases Harvey Building Products

Harvey Building Products (HBP), the No. 15 company on the ProSales 100, notified its customers today that Harvey's owners have sold the dealer to Dunes Point Capital, a private equity firm.

Independent LBMs Discuss Concerns Over Consolidation

The future will look a lot like today, with labor shortages and consolidation as key areas of unease, according to a panel of industry experts speaking Sept. 24 at the Florida Building Material Association.