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Congress Only has a Few Weeks to Consider Comprehensive Energy Reforms

With elections for the entire House, one-third of the Senate, and the Presidency in 2016, along with the annual issues Congress must address, many believe that if comprehensive legislation doesn’t pass this year, the next opportunity may not occur until 2017.

ASHRAE Publishes Addendum to Address Air-Space R-Values

Addendum AC on air-space R-values has finally been published by ASHRAE as an official modification to the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 standard for commercial building energy efficiency.  

Report: DuPont Leads Chemical Industry in Preparing for Low-Carbon Economy

DuPont leads the chemical industry in preparing for a low-carbon economy, according to CDP’s latest quarterly sector research report.

OSB & Softwood Lumber Prices Rise, Gypsum Price Continues Slide

Prices for softwood lumber increased 2.4% in July; OSB prices grew 1% in July; and, gypsum prices slid further in July, down 0.3% for the month.

Conference to Explore Building Science Education & Curriculum Development

The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and ASTM International (ASTM) will explore the state of building science education in North America and collaborate to examine ways to improve educational training and curriculum development.

Insurance Company Develops Energy Performance Guarantee Based on HERS Rating

A new program makes it easy for builders to prove that their green homes will save energy and money. The idea is simple: If a house doesn’t perform as expected, the homeowner will receive money back.

Given Recent Innovations in Building Science, Builders Need to Educate Buyers on Value

However, with recent innovations in building science to improve home performance, some consumers don’t yet know what they could have in a new home, which is where Herro says builders need to reset customers' expectations.

Exterior Cladding Made of Cellular PVC Provides Superior Water Resistance

Recent innovations in building materials have yielded exterior cladding, trim and mouldings made of cellular PVC that provide low maintenance, a vastly improved life span.

New Infrared Smartphone Camera Adapter Pays for Itself in a Year

In this video I'm showing a video taken on my iPhone 6 with the Flir One attached. I found some missing insulation in this attic and the savings on this correction could easily pay for the camera over 1-2 years.

1 of 5 Keys to Dow's Success is Profit Margins on Performance Materials

Dow Chemical Co. isn't going to wow investors with growth numbers these days, but it has become one of the more stable stocks on the market despite what can be a fairly volatile business environment.

BMC Issues Detailed Financials in Advance of Merger with Stock

On an adjusted EBITDA basis, BMC reports it turned positive in 2011, posted a $77.3 million positive adjusted EBITDA in 2014 and was at $32.4 million in the first half of 2014.

Builder Confidence Continues to Soar Despite Supply & Labor Obstacles

The most recent home construction data offer modest reasons to be optimistic, although risks remain. The August NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index continued its slow rise to a nine-plus-year high of 61, up one point from July

New Roof Method Relies on Arched Fiberglass Molds, No Trusses

Although the prototype is geared toward developing countries, its lessons may be of interest to U.S. builders as well.

Single-Family Builders Getting Into Multi-family Apartment Business?

Though apartment industry veterans harbor some doubts about the staying power of their single-family rivals, it seems the for-sale builders that came into the apartment market are here to stay.

3 Reasons Why Housing Will Grow Faster Than US Economy

We remain constructive on the U.S. housing market, which is likely to continue to grow faster than the overall economy, and we see attractive opportunities in this sector. Here are three reasons to stay invested in U.S. housing.

Gordon Lumber Quadruples its Truss Operations

The move south allowed Gordon Lumber to quadruple its roof and floor truss operation, Hofelich explained. Ten employees once staffed the operation. There are 40 now in Findlay

Top 10 Reasons to Register for BCMC by the Early Bird Deadline Aug 25

There are countless reasons to attend BCMC 2015. Here are 10 of our favorites. The #1 reason to register today? Early bird pricing ends August 25! 

Mavrakes Retires from TMAT Board

Jim Mavrakes (Wood Truss Systems) recently retired from the Truss Manufacturers Association of Texas (TMAT) Board of Directors.  He had served as a valued board member since 2002.

Pennsylvania and Indiana Lumbermens Add Employment Practices Liability Coverage

Pennsylvania and Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Companies (PLM/ILM) announced it will be adding Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance to its policies, making coverage and risk management services available to employers.

Alpine Releases Updated VisionREZ® for Revit Platform

Alpine, a leading North American supplier of products and services for the architectural drafting, building and component manufacturing industry, has announced the release of VisionREZ® 2016 for Revit®.

Registration Open for 2nd Wood Window & Door Symposium

Register now for the 2nd North American Wood Window and Door Symposium on September 23-25, 2015 held at the USDA-FS Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI.

Marketing Energy-Efficiency Shouldn't Focus on Cost Effectiveness?

So, clearly, we have big issues with making the marketing of energy efficiency programs, products, and retrofits much more cost-effective.

Video: Spray Foam Key Ingredient in Meeting Energy Efficiency Goals for 2020

In this Vision2020 presentation, Steven Winter, president of Steven Winter Associates, defines building science and outlines the key solutions in reaching 2020 energy-efficiency goals.


Bayer's MaterialScience Spin-Off to Consider Polyurethane-Related Acquisitions

MaterialScience, Bayer's plastics division, which plans to list on the stock exchange soon, could consider acquisitions, especially in polyurethane-related business, its head told a German paper.

Advocating for Carbon Tax: What Impact Will it Have on Plastics & Foam Manufacturers?

Carbon taxes have a number of advantages over emissions caps. When carbon has a price, companies will be incentivized to lower their emission rates through innovation.

Four Organic Alternatives to Chemical-Based Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is one of the best options for increasing the energy efficiency of a home.  Here are four options for greener, effective insulation.

Owens Corning Contributes to Canadian Government's Attempt to Build Affordable Net-Zero Homes

In Canada, private and public interests are working on a common problem: How to build net-zero-energy housing that average homebuyers can afford.

How Blower Door Tests & HERS Ratings in the IECC are Affecting Contractors

Eleven states are currently operating under the 2012 IECC; 22 are operating under the 2009 IECC; six are operating under the 2006 IECC; and 10 either haven’t adopted an IECC or are operating under a code older than the 2006 IECC.

Video: Roxul's Mineral Wool Insulation Evaluated by 'Green Police'

The Green Police are back! This time, green building consultants Michael Anschel and Carl Seville show us batt insulation from Roxul that’s made from minerals.

AAMA Releases New Water Resistance & Air Leakage Test Method for Wall Systems

AAMA updated and released a document specifying test methods, specifications, and field checks used to evaluate the structural adequacy of wall systems and their ability to resist water penetration and air leakage