Seeing Is Believing

Integra Steel Truss recently learned the benefit of giving plant tours to young people. “If the industry could only get itself involved in schools that are open to bringing career opportunities,” says General Manager John Hernandez, “it would be absolutely amazing what the industry would see in terms of applicants.” Seeing the production process up close, making personal connections within the industry and becoming familiar with a real, obtainable job is a vital step in changing perceptions of manufacturing and construction careers.

Industry News

  • The recent acquisition of Brohn Homes, a custom homebuilder based in Austin, Texas, is the sixth purchase as Clayton Homes adds to their effort to influence manufactured housing and corner the affordable housing market. 

  • Given the advancements that have occurred in the industry since 2002, it is time to consider what changes can be made to take advantage of new QC and Quality Assurance (QA) methodology.

  • Lumber costs are often thought to be controlled by simple supply and demand.  We’ve recently published several articles addressing the supply side of this equation, but what about demand? 

  • On April 4, Dave presented to building inspectors from the City of Greer, South Carolina on the component installation process and what to look for when inspecting component framed buildings.


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Workforce Development

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Faces of the Industry

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