BCMC: Education Highlights

BCMC 2017 in Omaha, Nebraska was the biggest show in years, with over 1,500 attendees. The BCMC Committee, led by co-chairs Jay Halteman and Javan Yoder opened a show floor featuring 46,300 square feet of exhibits. Educational sessions and networking opportunities also topped attendees’ list of reasons they find BCMC a valuable experience each year.

Industry News

  • A new SBCA initiative will keep the spirit of BCMC’s educational sessions going all year: SBCA webinars are free, weekly professional development sessions and discussions on a wide range of topics.

  • Beginning December 18, 2017, inspectors and roadside enforcement personnel will be looking for driver records of duty status (RODS), also known as hours of service logs, to be captured using an electronic logging device (ELD).

  • The United States’ 25 most populous cities are on the verge of a crisis. In the next year, virtually every major city in the country will face a combined shortfall of more than 3.6 million starter homes, relative to expected demand from Millennials.

  • This video created by The Verge showcases how structural components play an integral role in the design and construction of a home that is more resistant to hurricane-strength winds.


Truss Bracing: Which Would
You Rather Install?

A full-scale truss bracing demo
was an eye-catching feature
of this year’s show floor.

Workforce Development

A Glimpse
of Opportunity

A group of Omaha students found BCMC to be 
a fascinating introduction to the structural
building components industry. 


Who’s Handling
Your Technology?

Getting IT staff more involved
in operational goals takes 
engagement from both sides.