Ramp It Up!

Trusses provide a cost-effective, responsive solution to concrete formwork on a highway project in Louisiana.

Industry News

  • SBCA believes that the concepts advocated by Dr. Yeh would provide the reliability he acknowledges are expected by all buyers. It is clear that OSB and lumber mill specific sealed design values would provide confidence in OSB and lumber engineering so that safe and reliable building designs are the outcome.

  • A recent survey asked builders which labor-saving technologies they are most likely to use in the near future. The results shouldn’t surprise any component manufacturer.

  • In 2000 and 2004 Alpine undertook a weathering study entitled Durability of Plates, R&D #90-07 dated January 3, 2000 and January 22, 2004. Mr. Stu Lewis provided this report to SBCA to aid SBCA with background information regarding the common notion that truss plates back away from lumber.

  • With the shortage of construction labor, builders are exploring a wide range of options for reducing the number of workers required on the jobsite. While components have proven to be a viable and valuable option for doing so, other innovative forms of prefabricated housing are gaining attention.


Design Load 
Reductions & Risk

A spring Wisconsin snowstorm demonstrates how
a building design practice may lead to higher risk.



Using Education to Help
Sell Wall Panels

Framers and CMs can make for a
powerful partnership, but it takes work.


Workforce Development

Improving Productivity
by Building Teams

How a better understanding of human needs
can improve employee retention.