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Wood Industry Provides Environmental Product Declaration Roadmap

To address the environmental sustainability of wood and wood-based products, the American Wood Council and Canadian Wood Council collaborated with the Composite Panel Association and UL Environment to develop the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for particleboard.

House May Still Consider Bipartisan Energy Efficiency Legislation This Year

There are signs that the House may pull together another bipartisan package of efficiency legislation that could include energy efficiency for schools and ESPCs. 

Senate Committee Approves Extension of Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

The Senate Finance Committee marked up and approved the Expiring Provisions Improvement Reform and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act, which seeks to extend tax credits for residential energy efficiency and deductions for expenditures for energy efficient commercial building property.

10 Amendments Added to Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency Bill, Moves Closer to Senate Passage

Senate staff members have been combing through 123 amendments suggested to the Shaheen-Portman Act, and ten amendments have been added to the bill that not only strengthen it but add critically important co-sponsors to it.

Atlanta Builder: Spray Foam Insulation Key to 'Solid Building Envelope'

As environmental awareness grows, prospective homeowners are looking for houses that are energy efficient and sustainable. 

Yale Study: Carbon Sequestration Provides Further Reason to Build with Wood

A Yale University-led study has found that using more wood and less steel and concrete in building and bridge construction would substantially reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Congress Considering Preemption of State Chemical Regulations

Lawmakers are deciding whether legislation to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act should remove states’ authority to set their own chemical regulations. 

Ability to Dry Out Key to Extruded Polystyrene's Ability to Insulate

The EPS Industry Alliance (EPS-IA) recently completed a series of tests on extruded polystyrene (XPS) to examine the effects of moisture absorption and R-value in different field applications.

Moisture Control Contributes to Wood-Framed Envelope Exceeding Durability Expectations

This presentation reviews how to use wood to its full potential and discusses wood’s advantages in durability and longevity.

Privatize OSHA? Obama "Open to the Idea"

In an April 1 speech, the president acknowledges that he’d like to see the agency become “a profit center” for the government, rather than a “money pit.”

Colerain Fire Reports & Videos Where 2 Firefighter Died from Fall Through Unprotected Floor Joists

The Colerain Township Fire/EMS Department issued a report (numerous document, audio and video links below) - as well as the NIOSH report - both with valuable details on what happened. 

Do You Serve the Top or Bottom 10 Pro-Growth States?

Last August, I shared a fascinating map from the Tax Foundation.

It showed which states have chased away taxable income and which ones have attracted more taxpayers (along with their taxable income).

In other words, what are the “Golden Geese” doing with their money?

Young Job Entrants Provide Hope for Housing Growth

Here’s the big question for the ongoing housing recovery: Can it kick things into second gear? Friday’s jobs report offered some encouraging signs.

ProBuild, Carter & BFS Leaders Share Strategies

ProBuild's Marchbank joined fellow panelists US LBM’s L.T. Gibson, Builders FirstSource Floyd Sherman, Carter president and COO Jeff Donley, in sharing war stories, confessing blunders, and discussing strategies.

UFPI Buys 50% of East Texas Lumber Mill

Universal Forest Products, Inc. announced that one of its subsidiaries has purchased a 50 percent ownership interest in Upshur Forest Products, LLC, which owns sawmill operations in Gilmer, Texas. 

US LBM Acquires Southern Florida's Jones Lumber Company

US LBM Holdings, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Jones Lumber Company of Boca Raton, Florida from founder and President Mark Jones.

UFPI Subsidiary Purchases NC Component Manufacturer

Universal Forest Products, Inc. announced that one of its subsidiaries has purchased certain assets of High Level Components, LLC, a building component manufacturer based in Locust, N.C. 

April 14 BCMC Build Home Dedication at 2PM

The home dedication for Cody Nusbaum has been set for 2:00 p.m. on Monday, April 14, 2014. 

Remembering April 4,2008: Colerain Ohio Residence, 2 Firefighter Fatalities from Fall Through Unprotected Floor Joists

On Friday, April 4, 2008, almost four years ago today, Captain Robin Broxterman and  Firefighter Brian Schira died after the floor they were operating on collapsed at a residential structure fire.

3 Firefighters Injured in Roof Joist Constructed Building Fire

Firefighters are investigating a massive fire that severely damaged four businesses, three firefighters were injured battling the fire.

2 Firefighters Perish Battling Unprotected Basement Floor Joist Fire

Two Boston firefighters died Wednesday while battling a wind-whipped blaze that tore through a Back Bay apartment buildingcausing a fiery explosion.

Deck Attached to Floor Trusses Dramatically Saves Construction Worker's Life in Apartment Building Fire

A construction worker is thankful to be alive after being rescued from the fifth floor of a burning apartment building Tuesday.

Firefighter Fatalities Since 1980: 44% Heart-Related; 5% In-Structures; 65% of In-Structures Deaths in Conventionally-Framed Buildings

This article includes the complete list of US firefighter fatalities from 1980-2012, including a break out of deaths involving structural products

IL Jurisdiction Adopts Incentives for Builders to Exceed IgCC Code

This article provides briefs on energy-efficiency-focused code changes that have occurred recently around the country.

Styrofoam is One of the Simplest, Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Styrofoam manufacturer Dow Building Solutions has released a new, independent publication summarizing key changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, which come into force from April 6 2014.

Innovative Demilec Spray Polyurethane Foam is VOC-Compliant

Demilec recently released an innovative new spray polyurethane foam insulation and air seal that conforms with state and local building code requirements and also complies with stringent VOC standards for homes, offices and schools.

House GOP Panel Omnibus Bill Focuses on Energy Sector Jobs

Members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) on Wednesday will introduce a broad job creation bill that encourages domestic energy exploration, eases federal regulations, and includes other policy prescriptions that Republicans see as an answer to weak job growth.

A Builder's Guide to Exceeding the Energy Code for Positive PR

Steve Baczek, a residential architect from Reading, Mass., gave a presentation on building beyond the current energy code, why it makes sense, but more importantly, basic guidelines for how to make it happen.

USDA Invests in Wood-Based Designs Demonstrating Improved Energy Efficiency

The US Department of Agriculture has announced an initiative to educate architects, engineers and builders about the benefits of sustainable, advanced wood building materials.

EPA to Expand Energy Star Rating System to Existing Multifamily Buildings

After several years of collaboration with the industry, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on March 18 that it will extend the Energy Star rating system to existing multifamily properties.