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OSHA May Delay Crane Rule Compliance Untill 2017

Employers may have an additional 3 years to come into compliance with OSHA’s new crane operator certification requirements.

Canfor to Purchase Scotch & Gulf Lumber

Canfor Corporation announced today that it has entered into a phased purchase agreement with Scotch & Gulf Lumber, LLC.

Should Code Require Tornado Shelters?

Few homes in Moore, Okla., incorporated safe rooms or shelters, Builder took an in-depth look at their prevalence in regions prone to high winds and strong storms. 

Top 10 Cities Where Buying Beats Renting

Trulia calculated a ratio of asking prices of for sale homes versus asking prices of rental homes, comparing pricing of homes with comparable attributes in similar neighborhoods.

Top 10: America's Boomtowns

New residents are flocking to these 10 cities, which added the largest number of residents between July 2011 and July 2012.

Precision Truss Completely Destroyed by Tornado

A John Deere dealership and a lumber yard and truss company (Precision Truss) just west of Marysville, KS were completely destroyed and 20 to 25 homes were damaged, including some that were flattened.

Worker Squeeze Hampering Developers

While the price of lumber continues to climb, an equally pressing challenge is throwing a wet blanket on the new construction parade: a labor squeeze.

SBCA's Guidance and Tools Regarding Design Value Changes

With the June 1 effective date for Southern Pine design values right around the corner, now is a good time to review the guidance and state-of-the-art tools SBCA has shared this year with members.

June 1 Implementation of New SP Design Values Imminent

There are a wide variety of groups that have addressed, and will continue to address, the imminent implementation of the new Southern Pine (SP) design values.

A Transparent Review of SPIB's Supplement 13 & Appendix A

The following article summarizes the recent changes made to Appendix A of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau's (SPIB) Supplement 13 to the 2002 Standard Grading Rules for Southern Pine Lumber.



Builders Building Backwards?

A lot of home builders and developers have been doing things backward when they create their communities and design new homes.

Better Supply-Chain Communication Could Aid Builders

It’s dawning on more production and custom builders that the problems they’ve been experiencing with rising costs and limited availability of construction labor and materials are not going away.

Can "Career Academies" Meet Manufacturing's Labor Demand?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 4,800 high schools nationwide reported having at least one career academy.

GP Offers New EWP Design Software

GP Wood Products and Calculated Structured Designs announced a new engineered lumber software to design roof and floor systems for residential and commercial construction.

10 Hottest Housing Markets of 2013

Home values rose more than 13% in 10 of the 30 largest housing markets for which Zillow has data, and rose more than 20% in five of them. The biggest growth of all took place in Phoenix, where home values rose 24%.

SBCA June Workshop: Navigating Obamacare

This webinar will provide some helpful information on what you, the employer, could and/or should do to comply with the next phase of the law as it becomes effective January 1, 2014.

BCMC Build: Miraculous Story of SPC Nusbaum

SPC Cody Nusbaum’s story is already miraculous.  This year, the BCMC Build project,wishes to merely add another miracle to his story by building him a house of his own.

Sprinkler Mandate Removed in KY

An exemption to allow some multi-family housing in the state to be constructed without a sprinkler system has been put back into the state building code after its initial removal – a move supported by the local builders association.

Iowa Manufacturer Hosts Truss Bracing Workshop

Steve Kennedy, P.E., with Lumber Specialties, will be giving a truss bracing workshop to building officials, engineers and contractors on May 23, 2013 in Rock Island, IL.

Top 14 Housing Markets for Next 5 Years

The top 14 cities are ranked by the projected annualized change in home prices between Q4 2012 and Q4 2017.

Organizations Update Span Tables for June 1 Deadline

Last week, two organizations released updated span table materials with the new Southern Pine (SP) design values effective June 1, 2013.

NLRB Appointments Ruled Unconstitutional

In a 2-1 decision, a three judge panel for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has found a recess appointment to the NLRB by President Obama unconstitutional.

Signs, Including Housing, Point to Slower Growth

The U.S. economy showed fresh signs of slower growth in the second quarter, with factory activity slipping in the mid-Atlantic region while groundbreaking declined at home construction sites.

BlueLinx Dismisses President & CEO

BlueLinx Holdings has announced that George R. Judd will no longer serve as president and chief executive.

BCMC Build Still Needs Your Help!

We would like to thank all of the generous sponsors of the BCMC Build 2013 project. We couldn’t do this without you!

ALSC Reviews Western Species Testing

On May 1, the ALSC Board of Review held a meeting in which it reviewed the status of lumber testing plans for various western species. 

Former Georgia-Pacific VP Hopkins Passes Away

SFPA announced last week that Alex Hopkins had passed away in Demorest, Georgia. 

Nucor Introduces New Hybrid Truss System

Nucor Building Systems announced the expansion of its framing system product line to include Nucor TrussFrame, a hybrid metal building open-web rafter system.

6 Ways to Succeed in Today's Marketplace

If you can't succeed in the current economy, there's something wrong with your business model. Here's how to tell.

Why You Should Stop Hating ProBuild

ProSales' editor thinks it’s time you stop griping about such competitors, not because it isn’t a problem but because you can’t do anything about it.