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ProDealers' Take on SP Design Value Changes

The new, lower strength values will have an immediate effect for producers of engineered products such as floor and roof trusses. As codes adjust over time to reflect the new values, framers and deck builders will also be affected as well.

How Housing Will Rescue the Economy

This may be hard to believe after the dizzying, six-year-long crash in home sales, construction and house prices. But housing turned the corner last year, and it will take off in 2013.

SPIB Shares Proposed Supplement 13

In preparation for the ALSC Board of Review meeting on January 30, 2013, the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) has submitted a draft of its proposed Supplement 13.

SBCA Addresses SP Design Value Transition Period

At ALSC's January 30 meeting, SBCA will be advocating for a transition period in line with the precedent ALSC established when approving SYP design value changes in January 2012.

SBCA Executive Committee Drafts Design Value Policy for Review

Given the structural component industry’s reliance on design values, the SBCA Executive Committee has created and approved a draft policy for consideration by the SBCA Board of Directors.

SBCA Releases SP Design Value Comparison Tables and Analysis

SBCA has put together a series of tables comparing changes to SYP design values in an Excel spreadsheet with separate tabs for each size.

Wells Fargo Economic Analysis

This page contains Wells Fargo reports for the week of December 31, 2012  - January 6, 2013.

5 Housing Predictions for 2013

Fortune looks in their crystal ball and gathers together the top five predictions for housing for 2013.

Student Housing Demand Far Exceeds Supply

Experts calculate a current supply gap of approximately 1.5 to 2.15 million beds for students. That is good news for student housing developers.

100 Metros Show Improvement

Brookings Institution MetroMonitor shows continued growth in the third quarter of 2012, along with declining in unemployment rates, and rising home values in most of the country's 100 largest metropolitan areas.

10 Trends to Shape Housing in 2013

Here are the key housing news topics of 2012, with an eye toward the future and how they are likely to play out and affect the housing and real estate sectors.

Rising Lumber Costs Threaten Housing Growth

Lumber futures rose to a six-year high, extending a 2012 rally that is one of the biggest among commodities, on mounting signs of tighter supplies as U.S. home construction rebounds.

AWC Advocates SP Design Value Changes in 2015 Code

AWC advocates adoption of SP design value changes in 2015 IBC and IRC, even if the deadline for changes has long past.

Housing Up, Overall Construction Down

In November 2012, private residential construction spending was the largest category for the first time since 2007.

Happy New Year for Housing

Improvements in new-home sales, pending home sales, and home prices suggest improvements are ahead for the housing market.

Stock Acquires Atlanta Component Manufacturer

Stock Building Supply acquired Total Building Services Group, an Atlanta supplier of structural components and architectural millwork.

UFP Buys EWP Manufacturer

UFP has acquired Custom Caseworks, a high-precision business-to-business manufacturer of engineered wood products.

ITW Opens New FL Office and Test Lab

 ITW Building Components Group has announced the opening of a new office and testing laboratory in Orlando, Florida.

FPL Verifies SPIB's Latest Submission

In a letter to ALSC, FPL determined that SPIB's revised version of the design values were developed using ASTM standards or other technically sound criteria and as such "represent an appropriate estimate of the Southern Pine design values at this time.”

2012 SBCA Annual Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2012 SBCA award winners: Barry Dixon (SBCA Hall of Fame), Norm McKenna (Dick Bowman Industry Enthusiast) and Rick Parrino (Industry Leadership).

SBCA President Ward Sets Goals for 2013

In looking forward to 2013, SBCA President Scott Ward outlined a few goals he has for the association over the coming year.

Top 10 Headlines of 2012: SYP Dominates

Looking at the top ten SBC Industry News headlines for the year, it was evident that the Southern Pine design value issue was the most heavily followed story because it commanded all ten spots!

Understanding How (and When) Obamacare Will Affect You

SBCA will be following the Obamacare regulation development process very closely over the coming months and will be providing updated information and analysis for component manufacturer employers.

2013 Economic Outlook is Subpar

A moderate, subpar pace of growth should continue to be the story in 2013, as consumers, businesses and governments adjust to the new normal of fiscal constraint.

Wells Fargo Economic Analysis

This page contains Wells Fargo reports for the week of December 10  - December 16, 2012.

FEA Analyzes NA Lumber Mill Restarts

As lumber prices and profit margins have improved, we are beginning to see the restart of mills idled during the long downturn.

Urban Cores Growing Faster than 'Burbs?

The Atlantic Cities analyzes data from Smart Growth America and finds where smaller metros' urban cores are growing faster than their respective rings of suburbs.

Construction Growing, Jobs Soon to Follow?

Improving housing trends have not resulted in significant increases in home building employment thus far. That disconnect is likely to change in the coming year.

Top 5 Housing Trends for 2013

What a difference a year makes. 2012 was the year the housing recovery came to life – with the market now stronger than anyone dared hope for a year ago. Here’s what 2013 has in store.

Top 10: Healthiest 2013 Housing Markets

Houston and San Francisco are the nation’s healthiest housing markets heading into 2013. They have solid fundamentals, without the extreme price swings of Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Detroit.