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Busting 7 Myths About Cut-Resistant Hand Protection

This article explores the plethora of misinformation, myths, and misnomers surrounding personal protective equipment (PPE), and more specifically, cut-resistant gloves.

Energy Efficient Homes Present Installation Challenges

It’s true that better built houses take more time to plan and execute and sometimes require skilled labor and subs. Correct installation is crucial for the smooth operation of many high-performance systems.

NIOSH Releases Safety Training Guidance for Temporary Workers

OSHA and NIOSH recently released Recommended Practices for staffing agencies and host employers to better protect temporary workers from hazards on the job.

Simpson Develops New Knee-Brace Stabilizer

Simpson Strong-Tie has recently developed the KBS1Z knee-brace stabilizer for free-standing structures requiring strong lateral support.

Software Developer Helps Production Builders Design Energy Efficient Homes more Cost Effectively

Ekotrope, developer of cloud-based software that optimizes home building, says it is helping production home builders become more profitable by providing them with tools to design energy efficient homes cost effectively.

LEED's USGBC Partners with Honeywell to Create a Building Performance Data Monitor

On October 21st, the US Green Building Council and Honeywell announced a new partnership introducing the LEED Dynamic Plaque system. 

DuPont Goes on the Offensive Against Investor Push to Split Up Company

DuPont Co. Chief Executive Ellen Kullman defended the company’s diverse portfolio of businesses, pushing back against an activist investor’s drive to break the company in two.

Bayer Q3 Profits Up, Still Plans to Shed Material Science Unit

German pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG on Thursday raised its full-year earnings forecast as it reported a 13% rise in third-quarter net profit, boosted by strong growth in its health-care and crop-science divisions.

BASF's Reasons for Investing in the U.S. and Why Others are Following

BASF has been investing more of its money and management energy outside Germany, especially in the United States. And the company’s reasons for doing that help illustrate why the German industrial economy has been losing momentum.

6 Ways to Build an Energy Star-Rated Home

Did you know that Energy Star Day is Oct. 28? Energy- efficient homes come in a wide range of styles and sizes, here are six prime examples.

Building System Relies on 'Double-Shell' Envelope to Insulate Home

Enertia’s unique double-shell building system utilizes the heat-storing capacity of solid wood walls and the constant temperature of the soil to turn the house into a “heat pump.”

Innovative Blocks of Sand Provide Energy Efficient Walls

When Mr. Wilson approached Rob Smith, president of e2 Homes, about building a water-efficient, net-zero energy home with no drywall or wood on the first floor for one-third less than another builder’s bid, e2 Homes rose to the challenge. 

Autodesk Releases 3 New Sustainable Design Applications

Autodesk unveiled several new sustainable design applications on Autodesk Labs, the AEC and media software company’s testing site.

Construction Polyeurethane Boosts Huntsman Q3 Sales

Huntsman Corp. posted higher third-quarter earnings, despite an unplanned outage at its Port Neches plant that cut into the company’s polyurethane production and slashed sales volumes.

Survey: Material Pricing Pivitol in Housing Recovery

Among the many granular insights delivered by Thomson Research Group, this much was key: Pricing will continue to play a pivotal role in the construction sector recovery. 

Upper Midwest Rail Delays Threaten Construction Projects

Companies that produce and distribute cement and those that make it into concrete -- along with the home and commercial builders and heavy industrial and highway contractors who place that concrete -- are all experiencing a supply and time crunch.

Single-Family Production to Take Off in 2015?

A growing economy, rising household formations, low mortgage rates and pent-up demand will help single-family housing production to rev up in 2015 while a growth in renters will keep the multifamily market at cruising altitude or higher.

Stock Sales Increase 7.8% in 3Q, Outpacing Housing Starts

Stock Building Supply posted net sales to $354.1 million in the third quarter, up 7.8% from $328.5 million in the third quarter, 2013.

BFS Acquisitions Target Multifamily Business

The flurry of recent acquisitions by Builders FirstSource stem from a plan to get more business from multifamily builders, the dealer's president and CEO told analysts.

Tips on Reducing Inventory Loss from Internal Theft

The Building Material Operations Comparison survey of roughly 150 dealers from 20 states found that the average inventory shrinkage amounted to 0.5% of net sales.

Top 10 Charts that Explain the U.S. Housing Market Today

The U.S. housing market has struggled to find equilibrium after the bubble of the past decade. Here’s a look at where various gauges of supply and demand stand today. 

GCs Budget for Citations, So OSHA Raises Fines

A few years back OSHA did a study and found some contractors figured the cost of fines in their annual budget.

Energy Boom Sucks Homebuilder Labor from Strongest Housing Markets

In the oil boom towns of North Dakota, Texas and Colorado there's a big demand for new homes -- but there's no one to build them.

Lumberyard Owners Predict they Will Produce the Trusses in the Future

In the lumberyards of the future, the relationship between the pro dealer and the pro builder will grow closer, including consulting and value-added manufacturing services.

NFC's FrameSAFE Safety Manual Template Ready for Use!

The National Framers Council’s FrameSAFETM Safety Manual Template is now available for purchase by members of NFC!

Extensive Investment in U.S. Ethane Cracker Facilities Underscores Growing Demand for Plastics

The long-term success of cracker plants depends on the plastics and technology sectors' ability to create demand for polyethylene and ethane.

5 Months of Design/Construction Activity Growth, Favorable to Energy Efficient Designs

The Architecture Billings Index (ABI) rose 2.2 points to 55.2 in September, marking the fifth-straight month of growth in design activity. The institutional sector showed the largest gain during the month.

More than Half of 200 Largest Homebuilders Build to a Third-Party Green Standard

Some homebuilders have been offering high-performance homes to their buyers for years, others are just gearing up their green building programs or offering energy-efficient upgrades, and many are still waiting for a reason to jump on the bandwagon.

DOE Approves Green Globes as Alternate Certification to LEED

Green Globes, a web-based rating program provided by the Green Building Initiative (GBI), joins LEED as an approved green building certification system for federal buildings.

Bayer Promotes Innovative Building Product Lines at Greenbuild Expo

With its high-performance polycarbonates, polyurethanes, coatings, adhesives and sealants raw materials as well as its technology expertise, Bayer helps building professionals meet their sustainability goals.