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Tips for Hiring & Training Loyal Designers

Guest Speaker, Travis White, design manager of A-1 Roof Trusses in Fort Pierce, FL will provide a sneak peek for the BCMC educational session on designer training. 

Why Modular Buildings are More Energy Efficient than Site-Built Buildings

Modular or prefabricated green buildings, designed and constructed in factories using precision technologies, are higher quality and more sustainable than buildings constructed on-site through manual labor.

High Performance Insulation Market to Grow to $600B by 2020

It is predicted that the high performance insulation market will be worth $6000Mn (USD) by the end of the stage 2015 - 2020. 

Course: How Residential Energy Use is Driving Energy Building Code Changes

This course will take a closer look at residential energy use and how the changes in building codes and standards are driving improved energy performance in homes.

Course: High Performance Precast Concrete Building Enclosures

High performance materials must be efficient and versatile in use and in operation, as well as durable, resilient, and capable of protecting buildings and building occupants from weather extremes, natural and man-made hazards, and environmental concerns.

Study Suggests White Roof Paint an Effective Energy Efficiency Measure

A new study revealed a special reflective white paint reflects 88% of the sun's energy and could reduce air conditioning loads by as much as 30%.

Architects Specify Extruded Polystyrene Insulation for Innovative House Project

Kieran Mclnerney Architects selected Foamular metric extruded polystyrene insulation to achieve energy efficiency as well as great design outcomes in a new home in Vaucluse.

US Polyeurethane Manufacturers Retain Cost Advantages Over Global Competitors

North America will retain its cost advantage in terms of polyethylene over the next few years and certainly over the next 12 months.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Featured in Net-Zero Student Project

SPF was recently featured in a competition for graduate and undergraduate students, along with faculty advisers, to design a high-performance, energy-efficient home that can offset the majority – if not all – of its annual energy consumption.

1940s Michigan Home to Get $100K Energy Efficiency Retrofit

CertainTeed has announced the winner of its Living Spaces Facebook Home Makeover Contest.

Owens Corning Meets 2020 Sustainability Goals in 2014

Owens Corning released its ninth annual sustainability report, which had better-than-expected progress to reveal.

Home Foreclosure Rate Lowest Since 2007

CoreLogic's Molly Boesel reports that as of April 2015, the national foreclosure inventory has fallen by 24.9% on a yearly basis to 521,000 homes, or 1.4% of all homes that pay a mortgage.

Cool Video: Table Saw Assembles Itself!

instead of merely cleaning and lubing the parts, and then putting them back together, Howarth made a stop-motion film that creates the impression the saw reassembled itself.

15 Tips for Managing Millennials in Your Facility

The following 15 recommendations will help you take steps to understanding the expectations of and working cooperatively with millennials.

BFS to Finalize Purchase of ProBuild Within Weeks

Builders FirstSource (BFS) announced today it now expects to close on its acquisition of ProBuild by early August now that all third-party and governmental hurdles have been cleared.

Maps: Where Housing Demand Will Rise & Fall By 2030

The U.S. is expected to become both older and more diverse in the coming decades, with the elderly and Hispanics in particular taking up a greater proportion of the population.

Podcast: US LBM CEO Shares Their Value Proposition

In this third  of five podcasts with LT Gibson, CEO of building material distributor US LBM exploring the question, "So what makes you different?"

Top 10:Q2 Headlines Dominated by Mergers & Acquisitions

The second quarter of SBC Industry News Top Headlines were dominated by mergers and acquisitions, here are the top ten headlines from April - June 2015.

Top 50 Housing Markets: The Good and Bad for Metros (With Complete Market Data for 21-30)

It's a 50-city tour of the largest housing markets, evaluating vital housing stats, employment information, and population numbers to find out what’s good, what’s bad, and what's the bottom line for housing going forward.

Ro-Mac Lumber’s Magruder Defines Value of Trusses

Borate trusses are being shipped to the Bahamas because of Formosan termites. Within the next 10 years, many Floridians will wish they had these trusses in their home.

US Trade Commission May Impose Tariffs on Imported Sheet Steel

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Friday announced a preliminary determination that imports of corrosion-resistant steel from China, India, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan injured the U.S. steel industry.

The Business Case for Energy-Efficient Wood Wall Assemblies

Wood naturally has a higher thermal resistivity compared to steel or masonry, making it a superior product for improving energy efficiency when used in wall assemblies.

Telltale Signs of an Energy Efficient Window Installation

Here are some ways you can tell if a window has been installed well.

Energy Efficient Framing Detail for Intersecting Walls

Here's an energy efficient detail for intersecting interior walls.

EPA Issues Final Rule for Foam Blowing Agents & Foam Adhesives

Foam blowing agents encompasses a wide variety of applications including refrigerators buildings, automobiles, furniture, packaging and many more.

Tips on How to Properly Install Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batts are one of the easiest types of insulation to install poorly, so finding examples of bad batt installations on job sites is like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Reorganized DuPont to Focus More on Advanced Materials Unit

On the historic first day of a smaller DuPont, analysts say the leaner company is poised for earnings growth by investing in three core units.

BASF Develops New Polymer Making Concrete Construction More Economical

BASF experts announced they have developed a new generation of polymers where  plastic viscosity can be reduced by up to 30%, resulting in a substantial reduction of pumping pressure required to pump the concrete on the construction site.

Survey: Builders Evaluate Energy Efficiency Products & Methods

More than half of the 255 respondents in Professional Builder’s survey said that they tried new building-envelope products or construction methods in the past two years, and 31 percent were still assessing the benefits of those new approaches.

Photo: Inefficient Wall Framing Reduces Energy Efficiency

Extra framing costs money and takes up space that insulation could occupy; it costs the builder up front and the homeowner every month.