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The top ten most read SBC Industry News headlines of the second quarter of 2017 concerned everything from the impacts of the current softwood lumber trade dispute with Canada to new products on the market.

Those who attend SBCA meetings have frequently pointed out that the opportunity to learn from one another, both inside and outside the meeting room, provides significant value.

Gene Frogale led a record-setting, near $30,000 campaign, to benefit Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH) culminating in a May 2, 2017 golf outing. 

SBCA President Jack Dermer would like to invite you to attend the next SBCA meeting June 6-8 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The goal of each OQM is to bring component manufacturers (CMs) and suppliers together to discuss the latest issues facing the components industry and come up with strategies on how to successfully navigate them as an industry.

Benefits of Exhibiting at BCMC: save money by reaching your customers and potential customers ALL in one location.

If you are looking for greater insight into this issue and what may happen with lumber markets in the near future, it’s not too late to register and attend the MSR Workshop in Seattle, Washington, April 18-20.