Energy Efficiency

To equate an R20 + 5ci wall to an R25 +0ci wall when building with steel would be a very serious error since the cavity insulation is only about 50% effective in a steel frame wall.

In today’s real estate market, the increasing number of homes with green or energy efficient features has compounded the research issue for many appraisers.

Not surprisingly, the survey results reveal that fiberglass batt continues to be the most popular material by a large margin.

Demilec has launched a Spanish-language Spray Foam Applicator training program in an effort to combat the construction industry’s critical labor shortage.

If you want to install spray foam in a stud wall, and price is no object, then it would seem to make sense to specify closed-cell spray foam, right? Well, not necessarily.

To better understand the impact of energy on our finances relative to our location and consumption habits, WalletHub’s analysts compared the total monthly energy bills in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Two common ways to a build a well-insulated wall with minimal thermal bridging are to wrap the sheathing of a traditionally framed wall with exterior insulation or to pack thick double-stud walls with cellulose insulation.

Hemp enthusiasts attending a two-day workshop in Lexington began working Friday on what is touted as the first house to be insulated with Kentucky-grown hemp.

Landmark Homes of Edmonton, Alberta has announced one of the lowest-priced net-zero homes in Canada, selling for $399,737.

Homes with green features sold for $33,894 more than the median sale price of all homes in the cities Redfin analyzed.