Energy Efficiency

Phoenix Haus is making efficient building more scalable by removing the hurdles and stumbling blocks of assembly design and clearing the way for their customers to execute a successful project.

John Madden Company (JMC) just closed on an energy efficiency project that will result in 30 percent energy savings for two buildings in their portfolio at no cost to JMC, and it will be cost-neutral to their tenants starting on day one.

ASHRAE has published a standard describing a methodology to apply building energy modeling throughout the design process.

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has published the findings from research conducted to support the development of a calculation methodology for determining the U-factors and R-values for wall assemblies containing cold-formed steel.

With spray foam insulation and opportunities to increase traditional insulation, wood framing has been found to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The switch is precipitated by saving time and money.

With various insulation options available to your customers, it can often be difficult for them to make a buying decision. To help that process, let’s run through the facts and fallacies of insulation.

As with many other building materials, moisture adversely impacts thermal insulation. This article discusses why insulation and water don’t mix, and highlights the moisture performance of several commonly used insulation types.

Infrared imaging  has been widely used in managers’ efforts to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. Thermal scans of building envelopes can clearly show where insulation is missing or where air is leaking into or out of a building.

Providence Group executives took notice of home building on the West Coast, where stricter codes have spurred an increase in energy-efficient and sustainable home construction.

The Residences at Blackstone, a recently completed luxury multi-family project in Park City, Utah is an example of how the state’s desire to improve energy efficiency in homes has resulted in the use of new products that improve building performance.