Energy Efficiency

It seems builders shifted their focus in 2013 from alternative energy back to the wide variety of products that help creative interiors and exteriors come together.

Although many builders believe high-performance techniques add to the cost of a project, building science–based approaches can conserve a considerable amount of time and money, while also cutting down on customers’ energy bills.

How big a role can building codes play in reducing energy waste? Homes built after the code change consumed, on average, 4% less electricity and 6% less natural gas.

A new material made from plant leaves could be replace plywood for many uses. The material is strong, waterproof, cheap and easy to make.

Trus Joist TJ Insulated Structural Framing Components make it a bit easier to build energy-efficient structures.

This article is an update on the California Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) stakeholder meetings that discussed proposed code changes for the 2016 Title 24 code update on May 8, 2014. 

Technological and knowledge advances provide opportunities to stabilize or reduce building energy use and emissions by mid century. 

This writer contends environmental activist groups are urging Congress and state governments to reject competition and award a monopoly on green building rating systems to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

A new software tool enables architects, engineers and contractors to seek products that fit certain criteria, such as whether they carry Green Seal, Forest Stewardship Council, Cradle to Cradle or other eco-credentials.

Icynene is now offering a low-density polyurethane foam insulation with a slightly higher R-value, which the company says will help builders meet stricter energy code requirements.