Energy Efficiency

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, the Norman City Council approved a resolution that offers incentives to homebuilders who build more energy efficient homes for a pilot period of six months.

Wood rafters are the weak link in the insulation system you describe. In the absence of a thermal break, heat from the living space can flow through the drywall into the rafters - which are much more conductive than the surrounding foam - and pass through the rafters to the outdoors.

Icynene-Lapolla, a global supplier and manufacturer of high performance, energy efficient insulation for construction, today introduced its all-new Lapolla FOAM-LOK 450 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation.

Kingspan's GreenGuard Building Wrap family now includes a new product GreenGuard RainArmor Building Wrap and an enhanced GreenGuard HPW Building Wrap.

Atlas Roofing Corporation has announced a new partnership with HOVER, the platform that generates accurate, interactive 3D models of any property. Atlas Roofing’s shingle product lines will now be available within the HOVER platform.

There is a growing, unmet need in the commercial and institutional building market for a truly sustainable, specifiable, formaldehyde-free mineral wool product line

Spray-on foam insulation, along with other traditional insulation materials such as cork, will provide thermal protection for every NASA rocket part, large and small.

You’ve heard the name again and again—you’ve no doubt nodded your head and sang the lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby”—you might have also caught him on MTV’s The Surreal Life or doing the cha-cha-chá on Dancing With the Stars, but did you know that famous rapper Robert Van Winkle a.k.a Vanilla Ice retrofits homes and flips them?

The building industry has known for years that placing the HVAC system inside the thermal envelope is very beneficial for several reasons.

 A new industry report from international research firm Parks Associates shows that construction of zero net energy (ZNE) homes increased by 75% from 2016 to 2017.