Building Science

Vapor abrasive blasting systems combine water and abrasive media in a pot under pressure, then inject the mixture into an airstream, providing a precisely controlled system to treat stains resistant to other measures.

Passive house certainly appears to offer a model that ensures that new projects are doing more good than harm to our environment, which is encouraging.


The following article summarizes a recent report published on the challenges rural areas experience in paying for energy costs.  The report points out that the most effective way to address this significant public policy issue is to improve the energy efficiency of buildings themselves.

Beacon Roofing Supply Inc., a massive distributor of roofing and building materials based in Herndon, has acquired Atlas Supply Inc., the Pacific Northwest’s leading distributor of sealants, coatings and other waterproofing products.

Kingspan OPTIM-R is a next-generation insulation that provides outstanding R-values in an ultra-thin solution where a lack of space or depth is an issue.

Designing a resilient building envelope can seem intimidating, especially with all the building and energy code requirements. And while there is no getting around the complexity of the interactions between a building’s interior, its walls, and the surrounding environment, things make more sense when you take the time to look at the fundamental physics at work.

Q: I’m building a house with 12-inch walls. Is it better to install windows on the inside or the outside plane of the walls?

Space heating and cooling account for 42 percent of home energy costs - double what the typical home spends running its electronics and small appliances.

Closed-cell (medium-density) and open-cell (low-density) spray applied polyurethane foam (SPF) can insulate and air seal wall assemblies in commercial buildings quite effectively, economically, and efficiently.

Spray foam insulation contractors and homeowners alike have debated this questions over many years and since spray foam first gained popularity in late the 2000’s, we’ve had many case studies to learn from.