Building Science

Just over a year ago, a fire in London’s Grenfell tower killed 72 people and had building industries around the globe taking a closer look at fire protection. However in America, what happened to Grenfell is unlikely to occur because a building like Grenfell would not have been built in the first place.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors, at their annual meeting in Boston, adopted unanimously a resolution endorsing America's model building energy code, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Where to focus your air-sealing efforts. Just about any part of the building envelope will leak if given the chance, but the places where leaks are most likely to occur are low and high on a building. Generally leaks occur where one material or part of an assembly meets another.

Atlas ACFoam products are among the most sustainable and widely used roofing insulation materials available today. All Atlas ACFoam polyiso insulation products are GreenGuard Gold certified, providing contractors an easy way to identify premium products that aid in the creation of healthier indoor environments.

Visitors to the Covestro booth can learn about PUReWall™, a cost-effective, high-performance, insulated structural wall panel for residential construction.

A white paper about water penetration in hurricane conditions was recently updated by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and provides information to homeowners, distributors, builders and insurance adjusters regarding water penetration during severe wind-driven rain storms.

Among the many performance characteristics we expect of today’s building wraps, draining bulk water is increasingly gaining importance. When rainwater infiltrates the space between cladding and sheathing, it can create major problems if it isn’t managed quickly.

The Drøbak Montessori secondary school is one of the first projects completed by the Powerhouse group, a coalition of companies that include development firm Skanska, architecture office Snøhetta, real estate company Entra, consulting firm Asplan Viak, aluminum manufacturer Sapa og, and the environmental nonprofit

Palomar Modular Buildings has released a case study for the completed Santa Teresa Truck Inspection Station modular building. The building was insulated with closed cell spray foam insulation and a continuous layer of rigid insulation.

ARCIS panels are engineered and configured for rainscreen façades and complement AltusGroup’s CarbonCast insulated exterior wall offerings, which feature carbon fiber grid wythe connectors to deliver continuous insulation and full composite, load-bearing performance.