Framers Council Headlines

Here’s a Q&A on ‘What to do about mold on framing lumber?’

The supply chain has changed dramatically since the recession, making the same old way of doing things no longer good enough. 

The STAFDA (Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distribution Association) show is held each November and is where the people who run supply houses for construction and industry go to see and make deals on the latest tools and products.

The National Framers Council (NFC) is excited to announce that their next national meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 21st at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

"Safety first!" It's an easy mantra, but too often, too many in the construction industry fail to live up to that standard. 

Following seven years of slow and uneven growth in demand and pricing, 2015 will be the strongest year yet for cold-formed steel and related products.

When it comes to the supply chain, home builders often are their own worst enemy. 

The recession decimated the construction industry and thinned the ranks of skilled workers, and worries persist about whether there are enough workers to go around as the industry's workload scales up, experts say.

The turning point in the building industry dawned in May 2014, when the “total employment level reached its prerecession level” and companies stopped looking in the rear-view mirror trying to outrun the Great Recession.

Insulated buildings don't dry out so well. When water gets in, it stays in and wreaks more mischief. Doing things in the right order and understanding moisture management is not optional anymore.