Framers Council Headlines

Virginia’s Arlington County Permit Office (building department) recently announced virtual inspections as a safe and efficient alternative to in-person inspections that enable prompt service, productive follow-ups, and more specific scheduling. 

The NFC Steering Committee has communicated on a regular basis to discuss the challenges we face related to Coronavirus. The challenges vary from state to state, but all present issues that could significantly impact your business and the framing industry.

In heavily populated areas we have already seen job closures and demobilizations. As local and state governments react to the spread of the virus it will inevitably impact businesses around the country, so now is the time to prepare.

Michael Levitt, a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist, began analyzing the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide in January and correctly calculated that China would get through the worst of its coronavirus outbreak long before many health experts had predicted.

The following video provides a very concise explanation as to why it is so important to “flatten the curve” when it comes to the COVID-19 Coronavirus contraction rate.

As businesses in every industry navigate these unprecedented times, the National Framers Council (NFC) is committed to providing framers with updates and industry specific information.

This guidance document addresses the many employment-related issues facing truss manufacturers with regard to their employees with respect to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

HKA Enterprises, a leading provider of staffing and payroll solutions, announced its acquisition of Talus Partners, a staffing and technology solutions company.

Repairing plastic? No problem. With new DAP® RapidFuse™ Plastic Primer Kit, hard-to-bond plastic surfaces are no match, offering a fast and flawless repair where other quick-fix adhesives fall short.

While there are nearly 10.7 million workers in construction today, the overall number of women in the industry has hovered between 9 and 10 percent since 1996.

Although I'm an architect by training, I've worked for nine years as a sustainability consultant on low-rise multifamily projects.