Talking Helps Relieve Work’s Stress Points


Talking Helps Relieve Work’s Stress Points

Designers are under tight deadlines; they are constantly being pulled from one project to another, and are routinely being asked to make changes to a project. All of this can create an environment that burns them out and pushes them out the door. 

To mitigate any potential burnout from happening, Tony Acampa, design team lead for Shelter Systems Limited, promotes a simple concept: communicate. 

“When they walk through the doors in the morning, I know they are dealing with their life and their baggage,” Tony says. “As a manager and leader, I need to understand what they are coming in with could be heavy and weigh on them and their work.” 

Creating an environment that encourages open dialogue can be a design team manager’s greatest asset. When designers no longer feel they are on their own island, separate from other designers, they tend to open up and communicate more with their colleagues, giving them more opportunity and comfort in asking fellow designers and their design manager for help on projects. 

Tony, and many other design managers, look to other incentives and non-work related events to keep their designers happy. However, to help with the day-to-day grind of designing trusses and panels, Tony says it’s about asking questions, listening, and helping them when it’s needed, including getting them away from their desks. 

“The work is always going to be there,” he said. “I tell them go take a walk or take the day off, we are always actively checking on team members and making sure they are doing OK.” 

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