SBCA Update: Texas CMs Gain Insight from Transportation Veteran


SBCA Update: Texas CMs Gain Insight from Transportation Veteran

How do you learn about new federal regulations impacting the delivery of manufactured components and materials? Call in the experts.

That is what the Truss Manufacturers Association of Texas (TMAT) did as part of their January 18 meeting. Jose Matos, Specialist for Penske Truck and Leasing, provided his extensive background and knowledge to the TMAT members for a discussion about recent vehicle enforcement and federal Department of Transportation regulations, items the chapter board has been discussing for a while.  

Since December 2017, new federal requirements have inspectors and roadside enforcement personnel look-ing for driver records of duty status (RODS), also known as hours of service logs, to be captured using an electronic logging device (ELD).

TMAT Chapter President Paul Johnson said Matos’ presentation was quite thought-provoking and gave chapter members a great opportunity to have their questions answered. He said members were interested in topics such as:  How many trips you can take outside that range within a month? How many hours you are on the clock for versus not on the clock? When exactly do component drivers need to have their electronic logs?

Just as interesting to the members was Matos’ 29 years of law enforcement experience and his emphasis on commercial motor vehicle enforcement. “He was able to provide a lot of insight on how to work with law enforcement officials,” Johnson said. “Treat them right, and they’ll treat you right back. Don’t try to hide anything because they are going to know.”

Notably, inviting Matos to speak gave way to Penske becoming an associate member company of the Texas chapter. Penske representatives also provided the chapter members with an overview of what their company is doing with their leased vehicles, what options they provide and their desire to work with more component manufacturers.

“They are one of the industry leaders out there, it was very beneficial to the group to have them come speak,” Johnson said. 

Eric James & Paul Johnson at TMAT meeting

The Chapter also took some time to thank Eric James, of Hart Components in San Antonio, for his service as Chapter President throughout 2017. Pictured above is James, left, and 2018 Chapter President, Paul Johnson, of Universal Forest Products in San Antonio.