President's Message: Greater Participation, Greater Value for All

President's Message

President's Message: Greater Participation, Greater Value for All

One of my top priorities when I became president of SBCA last October was to get more members engaged and attending our meetings. Over the course of this year we have achieved that goal, averaging 100 participants at each of the Open Quarterly Meetings (OQMs), with the number increasing throughout the year.

The dramatic growth in participation has made our discussions livelier and more valuable and has allowed more component manufacturers (CMs) across the country to share their unique experiences and points of view. I am very encouraged by the many conversations I’ve had with new attendees, and I hope this trend continues throughout the coming year.

It’s all leading up to BCMC. This will be the biggest show we’ve had in over a decade and whether it’s the show floor, the educational sessions, or the networking opportunities, this year’s event promises to offer even more return on investment and opportunities to connect with your peers. If you haven’t signed up yet don’t put it off - register today.

I believe the increase in active participation over the past year has a lot to do with the value the association is providing by creating opportunities for CMs to interact and share ideas. Beyond the OQMs, the weekly SBCA Webinar series has tackled many meaty topics and has given CMs an opportunity to explore industry-specific issues. The new Component Connection podcast is another way SBCA is sharing ideas and perspectives in an easy-to-access way.

We’ve also built a new website ( that is proving to be both a great marketing website for CMs and a valuable recruiting tool to bring more young people into the industry. Our partnership with AsktheBuilder’s Tim Carter has been very effective at engaging people with this website and getting more framers, builders, and homebuyers interested in using roof trusses, wall panels, and floor trusses.

The realignment between SBCA and the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) is now beginning to bear fruit. Every meeting of the Truss Industry Business Council (TIBC) has marked real progress toward developing a collaborative relationship between CMs and their suppliers. I’m very encouraged by what these meetings now promise for the future of our collective industry.

The potential of SBCA’s Emerging Leaders (EL) also gives me great hope for the future of our industry. They have really come into their own and taken a lot on their shoulders to both bring more young people into the industry and get involved in SBCA activities, which prepares them for leadership positions within the association. Through EL, the association has a very solid succession plan in place.

I would be remiss if I didn’t end by thanking every member of the SBCA Board of Directors, everyone who participated in the various standing committees, and the executive committee for all their hard work and dedication this past year. Without your commitment, we could not have accomplished so much for the membership. I’d also like to recognize the excellent people on SBCA’s staff on whom we rely so heavily to make our ideas come alive. We are truly blessed to have them.

Thank you for the honor you all bestowed upon me to lead this organization over the past year. It has been very fulfilling and I look forward to continue to contribute in whatever way I can going forward.