Parting Shots: TTT for the Next Generation


Parting Shots: TTT for the Next Generation

A truss designer working through the TTT program

Chalee Thao, a truss designer at Villaume Industries (pictured above), is working through the TTT program and finds online programs like these valuable because they’re self-paced and flexible enough to fit into his busy work schedule. 

SBCA’s Truss Technician Training (TTT), along with many other industry-specific training programs, are moving to a new and improved online learning management system (LMS). The new platform gives component manufacturers (CMs) a more effective tool for training employees due to enhanced user-experience and navigation. 

To launch this new LMS, SBCA has revamped all of the TTT Level I training modules with updated content and a more dynamic presentation. Currently, a group of CMs from Strike Forces 3 and 4 are beta testing the new system and providing feedback. SBCA plans to release TTT Level 1 in the new LMS this fall. Look for more details in SBC Industry News

A picture from 1996 of a truss designer sitting at a computer

A lot has changed since 1996…