Parting Shots: Doing Their Part


Parting Shots: Doing Their Part

The town of Goltry, Oklahoma, has always looked at its volunteer fire department as a group of special heroes. They are brave first-responders who are committed to serving the community to the best of their abilities. Yet, few of them could have predicted the community would turn to them during the COVID-19 epidemic to also be their source for a much-needed boost in morale.

Starting in early April, the fire department began giving Goltry residents their own weekly parade. “It’s a small community, but with the epidemic it had become even quieter than usual,” says Brad Unruh, a volunteer with the department and general manager of Timberlake TrussWorks in Helena. “A lot of people came out of their homes to watch us drive by with the lights flashing and sirens going. I think it provided a much-needed distraction.ˮ 

“The children love this the most,” says Brad, who explains that the community’s youth are the main reason for doing the weekly parade. “Every child in town is out watching and waving their hands. As much as we wanted to, however, we refrain from throwing candy.”

Also a member of SBCA’s Emerging Leaders Committee, Brad says he has a deep respect for all the first-responders and medical professionals on the front lines treating and caring for those who are sick. “We’re all trying to do our part, but those doctors and nurses deserve all our respect and appreciation,” says Brad.