It’s Recess Time!


It’s Recess Time!

Lawmakers are back home. Invite them into your plant!

“Inviting elected officials into our manufacturing plants and building relationships with them can make a world of difference for individual manufacturers and the industry,” says Larry Dix, owner of Apex Truss in Warsaw, Virginia. “It’s incredibly important that we educate lawmakers on the issues our industry is facing and the value of what we have to offer.”

If you want to change a law, get help with a regulatory issue, or make sure your elected officials understand the component manufacturing industry, now is the perfect time to reach out to their office and schedule a plant tour. 

Congress’ August Recess is slated every year to give congressional members the opportunity to spend time in their legislative districts, speaking with constituents and learning about various issues. 

Cover of the plant tour toolkit

This year, the August Recess kicks off on July 29, and CMs have until September 6 to welcome their elected officials into their plants and make sure they understand what the industry provides, what your company offers the local community, your pain points, and how they can help your individual company and the industry. 

SBCA has created multiple documents to aid you in your quest to give your lawmakers a tour of your plant. The toolkit offers details on how to schedule a tour. Talking points give you a better idea of what to discuss during the tour, and state and national maps show the significant impact the industry has on each state. 

SBCA staff is happy to assist CMs who want to reach out to their elected officials to schedule a plant tour. Contact TJ for more information. 

About the Author: TJ Jerke tackles local, state, and federal issues that impact the daily operations of component manufacturers, and explores what they can do to advocate for their needs in the marketplace.