Industry-Focused Job Development


Industry-Focused Job Development

Mainstream websites cast a broad net – SBCA offers a better approach

“I would guarantee that the biggest challenge in this business and other businesses, for that matter, is finding good people,” says Ron Moles, CEO of Walnut Custom Components, LLC in Walnut, IL. As recruiting has been a common challenge for component manufacturers (CMs), SBCA recently launched a new career opportunities portal to help support CMs looking to fill open positions. Ron was involved in the initial stages of launching the new program and was happy to find that SBCA offered online postings. “I am pleased to have a tool like this that helps our industry grow,” states Ron.

The purpose of the new portal was to create a system that would promote open positions through SBCA’s Best Way to Frame website, which continues to draw people from outside the industry and educate them on the benefits of components.  Ron points out that it’s a unique opportunity to post somewhere that is industry-specific. “Since the portal is specific to our industry it focuses on what both an employer and potential candidate is looking for. This should result in being able to identify and hire a higher quality employee.”

In contrast, posting a new job position on another mainstream website, “was not a home run,” shares Ron. “When you cast a broad net you get a lot of resumes but not high quality resumes.” Ron adds “Through the job posting on Indeed we received a few resumes that were potential candidates but I estimate that out of 100 resumes we received, 80-90% did not have the background or experience we advertised for.” 

Another advantage to the new portal is the national scope for posts that people may not see otherwise. This may encourage people outside a company’s immediate area to apply for promising opportunities. “If you find someone that has the talent and experience you’re looking for, it’s an opportunity to attract that talent to your community,” says Ron. “I think this portal improves the ways we recruit new people and it tremendously strengthens the building component industry by offering tools like this that are specific to our needs.”

CMs that are SBCA members can add new career opportunities from SBCA’s Manage Career Opportunities webpage. Any new posts that are added there will then be displayed on SBCA’s Best Way to Frame website on the Career Opportunities page. The more CMs that participate and post career opportunities the more value and draw there will be for job seekers.

It takes just a few minutes to fill in the form fields to post a new career opportunity and it has the potential for a big reward. Now is the perfect time to check out the new portal if you have open positions you’re looking to fill. If you have any questions while posting new career opportunities, contact SBCA staff

About the Author: Laura Soderlund explores business and manufacturing best practices to help component manufacturers advance the use of their innovative products.