A Fresh Perspective on a Traditional Event


A Fresh Perspective on a Traditional Event

First-time attendees to BCMC gain valuable information

Tom Closser had just 24 hours to see and do everything he could at BCMC. 

The co-owner of Apex Structural Innovation drove three hours with his business partner, Issam Fakhoury, from Romulus, Michigan, to attend their first show. Despite the time constraints because of the busy fall construction season, he thoroughly enjoyed his time in Columbus, Ohio. 

Three BCMC attendees talking in a group

“I got more out of it than I thought I was going to, even in that short amount of time,” Tom says. “We liked all of the information and different people we met. I’m most likely going to go next year and spend more time on the show floor.” 

Tom was one of approximately 422 individuals who attended BCMC for the first time this year, and provides a fresh perspective on what is most important and valuable about attending the industry’s annual trade show. 

“It definitely made an impression; we both talked about the show on the drive back and the number of things we never really thought of,” Tom says. 

Having the ability to compare different trailers was huge, he explains, along with speaking to exhibitors who sell projection systems as his company is trying to use less paper. 

BCMC attendees talking with each other

They particularly enjoyed speaking with equipment suppliers and understanding the unique elements they offer, such as auto-jigging. 

“There were different jig options on the show floor than what we had seen in the past, or heard of lately,” says Tom. “We didn’t even plan to speak with anyone about it, but we were walking by and caught someone talking about what they are doing differently.” 

He also was able to speak directly with software providers who were knowledgeable about their products, something he hasn’t been able to do while in the office.
“We got to talk with the right people regarding the stuff they are doing in the software that we have been wanting for the last five years,” he said. “So it was great to talk to them and see and hear about the new updates that are coming out.” 

CMs can continue their conversations from BCMC, or establish new connections with other CMs or suppliers, by attending one of SBCA’s Open Quarterly Meetings (OQMs). The meetings are designed to help CMs from around the country network with their peers and glean critical information about what’s taking place in the industry. More information about OQMs can be found on SBCA’s website.

CMs can also join SBCA Business Solutions Groups (BSG), which are composed of non-competing business owners and managers who come together and talk openly about their businesses. BSGs regularly discuss topics such as best business management practices, financial performance, labor/employment issues, and asset management. Participants benefit from the knowledge, support, and good advice of their peers. If you would like to join a BSG, please contact SBCA Staff

About the Author: TJ Jerke provides opportunities for members to read about what others throughout SBCA are doing to advance component manufacturing.