Editor's Message: A Chance to Transform Your Business

Editor's Message

Editor's Message: A Chance to Transform Your Business

If you attended BCMC in Milwaukee this year you know you were part of something special. From the buzz on the show floor to the wide assortment of educational sessions to the many fun activities that went on throughout the week (see p. 20), there was an opportunity for every person to learn something new and forge a new relationship.

For many, BCMC is transformative. It’s the free flow of ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions that ensure over 80 percent of the attendees each year are decision makers for their companies. The “Attendees by Position” graph on the next page makes a few things readily apparent: over one-third of the attendees are the primary leaders of their companies, while a little more than another third are in a senior level or supervisory role. BCMC helps facilitate creative discussions amongst these leaders and gives them a hands-on opportunity to help shape the industry’s future.

Since 2014, BCMC has averaged an eight percent annual increase in attendees and a nineteen percent annual increase is show floor space. A steadily improving economy is certainly a factor in that sustained growth. However, BCMC’s very real return on investment is what is truly prompting more companies to send more employees each year. In turn, the promise of more decision makers hitting the show floor each year prompts more exhibitors to bring more sales reps and expand their booths.

One of the most popular parts of the show are the educational sessions, of which there were more this year than at any show in recent history. Add in the Employee Incentive and Industry Roundtables, the Safety Summit, the Learning Labs and the plant tours, and there was an industry expert sharing ideas and tried-and-true best practices almost every hour of the entire show. 

On our session evaluation we always ask attendees “What was the best part of this session?” and “What was the worst part of this session?” It’s telling that the most common answer to what was best was “Everything” and what was worst was “Nothing.” While these answers don’t necessarily help the members of the BCMC Committee, along with staff, fine tune future sessions, they do provide a powerful message that the presentations are both relevant and valuable.

Beyond all the learning, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun and leave the demands of the workplace behind for a few days and get a fresh perspective. For many, BCMC is also a time to gather together with friends they’ve made across the country in a reunion of sorts and build a cohesive community of component manufacturers (CMs) and suppliers. 

There isn’t another place or another venue that can even come close to offering all that BCMC can to the component manufacturing industry. If you didn’t make it to Milwaukee this year, whether you’re a CM or a supplier to the industry, please plan to come to Columbus, Ohio next year. Circle the dates of October 22-25, 2019, on your calendar and promise yourself you’ll be part of this transformative event next year!