Design Standards Are Crucial for QC


Design Standards Are Crucial for QC

When it comes to assuring your customers that you have a high-quality product, one doesn’t have to look farther than a set of design standards. 

Having a set of standards in a design department can make a big difference for not only the design team, but also managers and the whole company, according to Danny Ouzts, design training manager for Universal Forest Products

From a basic checklist to a comprehensive set of standards, a company will see tremendous value in developing, maintaining, and updating expectations for how designers work, ultimately helping to maintain the quality of product that is manufactured. 

Danny says a set of standards allows design team members to more easily find answers, which enables them to understand their work more thoroughly. “It takes a load off of managers who are consistently pulled in various directions,” he says. 

Standards also stretch beyond the design department. With a well-established set of standards, other departments can look to that framework to ask questions and understand the work they receive from the design department. The sales team will also have a firm understanding for how components are designed and can share that information with customers.