CM Perspective: This Is the Year!


CM Perspective: This Is the Year!

Two years ago, I welcomed readers to the first issue of The Market Place, writing that the publication would be a space open year round to carry on the great discussions and the innovative cooperation that happens just once a year on the BCMC show floor. Over the past 24 months, this publication has done exactly that: it has fostered conversations between component manufacturers and suppliers, building our industry’s capacity to innovate, grow and prosper.

Today, I am delighted to welcome you to the new and bigger platform on which we’ll continue those efforts. As an extension of the digital edition of SBC Magazine, The Market Place is more prominent and better connected to the trends and topics covered in the pages of the magazine.

I invite you to browse the next few pages and consider them the start of a conversation. Every one of the suppliers advertising here is a loyal supporter of this publication and of SBCA. They each have something unique and valuable to offer as we look to grow as an association and as an industry. If something catches your eye, reach out to discover what that supplier might be able to offer you. If you’re intrigued by an association event or initiative, reach out to SBCA staff for more information. They’re some of the most helpful people you will ever get to work with.

My point is this: If you aren’t reaching beyond your market, if you aren’t exploring new opportunities, if you aren’t participating in this association on a national or local level, you are truly missing out.

The friends you make in this industry are the best. It always amazes me how great the people are that work in our industry. The education your peers and suppliers can offer is priceless and can’t be found anywhere else. The experiences others can share with you can save your company — or at least save you from some headaches! I have such great conversations with SBCA members, in roundtable discussions, board meetings, on busses, at dinners, and on the BCMC show floor. I am always learning from these conversations, and I know I would not be as good at what I do if it wasn’t for the great people who participate in SBCA events and share their stories.

In short, I continue to be amazed by the willingness of so many people in this industry to roll up their sleeves, work together to resolve big issues, and proactively improve our industry each and every day. I hope that 2018 is the year you join us in that work.