CM Perspective: There’s Always Something to Learn from Your Peers!


CM Perspective: There’s Always Something to Learn from Your Peers!

The educational sessions at BCMC have always been one of our favorite parts of the show. Where else can you go to gather so many new ideas, tips and best practices specific to our industry? We’ve both spent countless hours scribbling ideas down during sessions and finding ways to implement them once we got back to the office. They have improved our businesses in so many ways. So we were very excited to work together this year to help pull together a lineup of sessions that promise to offer something for every component manufacturer out there.

We have spent many, many hours on teleconferences with BCMC staff, industry experts and speakers. We’ve hashed out topics, winnowed down content to pack as much value as we can into each hour, and arranged it all in a way that ensures every attendee can get the biggest return on their time investment. In addition to the traditional education sessions, we’ve added several roundtables focused on everything from employee incentive programs to IT issues. We are also bringing back the learning labs held on the show floor to give everyone an opportunity to explore topics further in small groups.

We want to stress that all of these learning opportunities are meant for everyone, not just management. That’s why we have created individual session tracks for attendees based on their job responsibilities. There is a track for designers, another for IT professionals, another for production workers, and even one for sales reps.
But don’t take our word for it, come and experience it yourself.  We promise it will be well worth your efforts and will likely result in you learning something that will help you grow your business and make your work life better! 

Greg is IT/IS Manager at Villaume Industries, Inc. in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mike is President of Apex in Jacksonville, Florida.