CM Perspective: ANSI/TPI 1 Standard: Why CMs Should Care & How to Get Involved


CM Perspective: ANSI/TPI 1 Standard: Why CMs Should Care & How to Get Involved

Howard Gauger

Howard Gauger is the engineering department manager at Carpenter Contractors of America, Inc. in Belvidere, Illinois. Howard serves as a chapter representative on SBCA’s Board of Directors and is also a member of the E&T, QC, and Safety Committees.

If you knew something were to significantly affect/govern your business and your opportunity for success, would you want to have some say in the matter? My answer to this question is “absolutely.” 

The American National Standards Institute/Truss Plate Institute (ANSI/TPI) 1 is the standard that establishes the minimum requirements for design and construction of metal plate connected wood trusses. This standard covers everything from the grades of lumber that are allowed to be used and plate size options all the way to how to evaluate the quality of finished products and the design responsibilities throughout the design process. Every five years the standard goes under review for maintenance in order to ensure it holds the ANSI endorsement. Fortunately, to hold the ANSI endorsement several different stakeholders (producers, users, and general interest) must be involved in the review process. The last time the standard was approved and went into effect was August 27, 2014. In August 2019 the five step process of revising and reaffirming began. The TPI 1 Project Committee application period closed on December 31, 2019, and a 32-member committee was selected. The balanced group consists of seven general interest members, 12 producer members, and 13 user members. 

TPI booklets on the American National Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction

Although the committee selection process has already come to a close, you can still get involved and have your voice heard – and you should! The next step of the process is Public Review. I highly encourage this type of involvement. It will ensure that component manufacturers (CMs) have a say in the standards that will affect our businesses. If you want to keep stupidity out of the standard, get involved! The whole idea is to give CMs a voice in making sure our industry is doing our jobs safely and effectively, all while operating successful businesses. 

To get involved in the Public Review process, watch for SBC Industry News updates and check the TPI website. If you want to set your business up for success, get involved in the Public Review process for the ANSI/TPI 1 standard. It is an important part of being an active member of SBCA. 

Follow and participate in this project as it progresses:

COMPLETED PHASE 1: Project Initiation 
COMPLETED PHASE 2: Project Committee Formation 
NOW ACTIVE PHASE 3: Project Committee Work and Balloting
PHASE 4: Public Review
PHASE 5: Final Approval

For more information visit TPI 1 Update.