Are You Using This Powerful Tool?


Are You Using This Powerful Tool?

Your website is an important asset for recruiting and sales

Increasingly, today’s consumers and prospective employees are starting with the internet to learn about a company. What they find on the web generally leaves a significant first impression. Given this, there is a multitude of valuable reasons to have an attractive web presence. Stark Truss has taken advantage of their web presence and use their website to handle several facets of their business. “It’s really multi-purposed and great for our spread of locations. We use it for our customers to explain what we do and for HR purposes to recruit and retain employees,” said Jason Teall, the human resources manager at Stark Truss.

In recent years Stark Truss has focused on making their website more user-friendly and uses it as a tool to streamline recruiting and track applicants electronically. “We’ve received a lot more responses and more people seem to be inclined, especially younger people, to fill out a job application through our website. It’s interesting, our recruiting guy reviews the applications and disperses them three to four times a week. Sometimes we’ll get random resumés – even from outside of the country, from someone that heard about us and found us online. It is great that people are interested in working with us.”

Another reason to invest in a quality website is the sales opportunities that could be generated from having a well-designed website that directs those looking for framing information to contact your company. “Probably once a week we’ll get an invitation to bid that comes through online that is forwarded to the nearest plant,” said Jason. Sales reps also utilize their company website as a resource to direct potential customers to learn more about their company. “When talking to potential customers our sales reps are starting to direct people to go online to show visually what our plants look like and how our operations function.”

Historically, companies have viewed sales representatives as a primary way to build relationships with new customers and within the community but today it’s also important to have a quality website that can attract potential customers and bring in sales leads. While existing customers may not need a well-designed website to do business, you may be missing out on future sales or employees if there isn’t a focus on your web presence.

In the next issue, we will explore the myths that websites are too costly or time consuming, and look at ways to keep your web content timely and engaging.

About the Author: Laura Soderlund covers web marketing from SEO basics and strategies to best practices that can help members build their brand and online presence.