2018 Award Winners


2018 Award Winners

2018 SBCA Hall of Fame Award

Each year, SBCA inducts an individual into its Hall of Fame who has contributed significantly to the advancement of both SBCA and the structural building components industry. This award recognizes their active participation in the growth and success of SBCA initiatives that serve the industry’s best interests.

In 2018, Jess Lohse (Rocky Mountain Truss) was presented the award by Greg Griggs (Builders FirstSource). “Jess continues to provide a fresh perspective and continuous enthusiasm to our industry. He continually encourages others to participate and become engaged in our industry with a continued focus to educate others and promote the overwhelming advantages and benefits of using building components,” says Greg. “Jess has held many positions within SBCA, and has chaired and/or participated in about every committee within our association. This level of participation and commitment emphasizes his level of dedication and support of our industry.”

“The SBCA Hall of Fame is such a great collection of individuals from the component industry that it’s hard to comprehend that I’m now part of that group,” says Jess. “I don’t think I’ve done anything special other than do what I was asked to do the best way I knew how. I believe involvement in association work is everyone's responsibility. Perhaps not in a leadership or even a participatory role, but a responsibility to be cognizant of what is happening and to be ready to step in if and when it’s necessary.”

2018 SBCA Industry Leadership Award

This award honors an individual who has helped nurture, support, and grow the structural building components industry with their vision, innovation, and/or creativity. 

In giving this year’s award to Mike Ruede (A-1 Roof Trusses), Scott Ward (Southern Components) says, “He is the absolute definition of what a leader is and should be. To his family, he is a man of character, one who provides strength and support, and has taught and continues to teach them to do the right things in life. He is a mentor who has always led by example. At times ruling with a strong hand but an even bigger heart. And to so many of us he has been a true friend.”

“I think it’s a great honor to be nominated and selected for this award. I’m super proud to join a long list of folks who have won the award in the past,” says Mike. “I don’t feel I deserve it, but it’s nice to be recognized. I really owe it to the many board members I’ve served with, my team in my office, and the many mentors I’ve had over the years.” 

2018 Dick Bowman Industry Enthusiast Award

This award recognizes a supplier who has supported BCMC and the structural building components industry with enthusiasm and integrity in an unselfish and positive manner and has brought joy and an all-around good attitude to the show.

This year, Rick Parrino (Plum Building Systems) handed the award to Ben Hershey (4Ward Consulting) saying, “Ben has been a very active member of the BCMC committee for years and promotes SBCA programs every chance he gets. He has been a worker and leader in all aspects of our industry and he promotes the best ideals of what we want SBCA to be.”

“To be honored with the award named after Dick was very humbling. He was one of the men who really showed all of us what it was to be an enthusiast, not only for BCMC but for the industry,” says Ben. “Having grown up in the industry, I learned much from my dad. He set the tone for who I am today as far as giving back on a continual basis. Receiving this award makes me want to work even harder for our industry to prove that it was well deserved.”

2018 Dwight Hikel Humanitarian Award

The recipient of this award is recognized for a mentoring spirit and generosity in philanthropic activities in the structural building components industry and/or for sharing ideas, time, and to mentor others in the industry.

Dwight’s son, Joe Hikel (Shelter Systems Limited), presented the award to this year’s recipient, Jack Dermer (American Truss). “Jack has been a constant supporter of the industry and the association for many years, committing tons of time and resources to SBCA,” says Joe. ”With his willingness to lead the Texas Chapter, having served in all capacities, he has helped it become the most active chapter in SBCA and the top recruiting chapter for several years. He has worked and promoted the component industry longer than many people and has helped develop machinery and equipment for the improvement of the industry.”

In receiving the award, Jack says, “I am very honored to receive this award and be considered in the same category as Dwight, having known him for so many years and the work he has done helping many people in and outside of the industry. He was a great mentor and overall great teacher, just a super individual.”