Raw Materials

China has signed a deal with New Brunswick to import the province's knowledge in building wood-frame homes, which could someday see more of its wood products crossing oceans to the Orient.

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) issued Supplement No. 10 on October 26, 2011. In essence, Supplement No. 10 adds 17 additional MSR grades (as low as 750), and 11 MEL grades (M-32 through M-42).

Layman's Lumber Guide, regarding SYP design value changes, "History tells us, that when folks in Washington, DC hide the truth from the public, the damage control is much worse when there is an implication of deception. If it turns out that we are just crying wolf, at least we have done what is in the safest best interest of the consumer."

Layman's discusses Southern Yellow Pine plantation timber, which perpetuates the supply of trees, logs, pulp and lumber, is pruned and fertilized regularly, and is harvested at 18-20 years.

Weyerhaeuser Company (NYSE: WY) today reported net earnings of $157 million for the third quarter.

On October 14, 2011, the Coalition submitted comments to the United States Trade Representative in response to USTR's request for input on possibly extending the U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement.

SLMA's take on the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) Board of Review hearing held on October 20, 2011, and their 60-delay for Southern Yellow Pine lumber design values.

A condensed recap of the market conditions for the major North American softwood lumber and panel products as reported in Crow's Weekly Market Report. 

This story gathers excerpts from the latest online reports regarding the SPIB's proposed changes to Southern Pine Lumber design values.

This ALSC press release announces the Board of Review's deferred decision on approving a recommendation by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) that would modify design values for visually graded dimension lumber.